Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada

 I stumbled across this forum looking for some answers to a few problems that I recently started to have. I realized that this place has a whole wealth of information and there seems to be a great bunch of people sharing a common passion. (I will explain my issues in the proper section) I am a complete beginner to gardening and growing plants. Last year I got really hooked on all things hot and spicy. I had some newbie luck growing 11 habanero plants from seeds, 1 jalapeno plant I picked up from Home Depot, and 2 Ghost Pepper plants that I found almost dead at a local grocery store. I had a decent crop and ate my first Ghost Pepper last August. I have been overwintering the two ghost peppers and one habanero plant in my dining room. Now that the winter is coming to an end the plants have been coming back to life and getting quite green. I am really eager to see how they produce the second season.
 After my luck growing plants last year, I bought a good variety of seeds that I planted on the 15th of February. A few of them hadn't grown and I ended up replanting them a couple weeks ago. I had better luck the second time around. I am currently looking at 80-90 plants at the moment from bell peppers to Carolina Reapers. I started them in trays and heat mats under a couple 24 inch t5 6500k lights. While they were just sprouting, I decided to build a 5'x8' grow box in my basement to house them till they can go outside. I just did a transplant to solo cups on Saturday and plan to at least do one more transplant before summer. I am very pleased to have found this forum and look forward to learning and sharing with you guys. Thanks for having me.

Sizzle Lips

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:welcome:  to the THP forums from South Carolina! You certainly found the place for all your pepper growing information- a 'wealth' of it indeed! Nice to have you aboard! Best of growing this year!  :cool:
Thank you everyone for the awesome welcome. I can't wait to start posting pictures and sharing my experiences once the summer sets in. Our winter was almost gone but the past week it seems to have come back. We almost have more snow on the ground than there was all winter. I guess that's what we get for having one of the mildest winters we have ever had.