Hello from the California Delta

New to pepper obsession and really attracted to fermented sauce.  I've brewed beer and wine, would be considered a foodie and decent home chef.  Got a shelf of sauces and I like certain aspects of each, but also don't like certain aspects of each... too hot, too sweet, to sour, to salty.  So, I've decided to embark on creating my own.... with the "perfect" balance of acid, salt, heat, and flavor.  Even if I don't, it will be fun to try.
Started a jar of green sauce last night, 3 parts Jalapeno and 1 part Serrano, halved and submerged them in brine with some sweet onion.  Saw the first bubble this morning, very exciting.  Wife thinks I'm crazy.  Waiting will be the hard part.  Plan to ferment a jar of tomatillos then blend them into the peppers to finish it off.  Can already taste it on top of an omelette with a nice fatty avocado.  
Looking forward to when the peppers come in red at the local farmers market.  Had some pepper plants in oak barrel tubs this year and they didn't produce much.  Gardening isn't really my thing though I love fresh produce and herbs.  
Been lurking here a bit... lots of great experience and advise.  Thanks to all those experts that are willing to share their knowledge.  Looking forward to learning more!