I love watching growlogs! It's so satisfying seeing someone grow something from seed to harvest and their progress throurough the years, it's the content I could swim in all days.

I am from Poland, live in an apartment and have balcony for my growing passion.
I am a tomato enjoyer and was growing them as a child at family hause but since I moved and moved and moved I have not have a place and time to do so as much as before. But now I have a balcony and tried hydrophonics for the first time in my life. It's funny I was only planning to grow tomatoes and even planted few peppers but they really were not enjoying my hydro skills and almost all died. I wasn't expecting falling in love with them. I planted some in the ground ( don't really know the species, from supermarket peppers without a name tag, just chili) and have made a sauce from them. It just happened, I was in love, bought some sweet and hot peppers, dried half of them and made two half liter jars of sauces: one fermented and one from dried peppers and banana, hah.
Now I have five more jars on the shelf in different times of fermentation. I am addicted and want more!

I had grow lamps (blue-red light) and have made some kind of grow station from my old dish washer, now have like 10 or more small peppers growing from seed in it. Jalapeno, few sweet ones, piri-piri, don't even know what else, I was buying all kinds of peppers and sowing seeds to make my balcony a bush in the next season. I have 15 5 galon containers, plastic buckets are on their way, I will put them together and make double containers (I think I can fit 10 or more there if I'll do it correctly). I have to buy some net yet to contain it. But that is something I still have time for. For now I bought few light bulbs (2000lm, 6000k), cables and gwints and will make some grow stations for winter.

Oh, it's awesome!
Hi <3
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sounds like you're having fun - which is the whole point of growing peppers
Oh yes, since I remember I couldn't resist growing plants from seeds and peppers are just perfect. Can't believe I didn't consider them before.
Welcome aboard, I may have something that could help with the lack of space, it’s something I currently deal with as well…once I find property to buy I will be able to farm a pretty big garden.
It's a dream of mine, a house with big space for garden and greenhouses... Wish you and myself luck and plenty of money! :cheers:

Thank you all for kind welcome! <3
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It's a dream of mine, a house with big space for garden and greenhouses... Wish you and myself luck and plenty of money! :cheers:

Thank you all for kind welcome! <3
I built a stand for my potted plants that has a built in irrigation system…not sure if that’s something you would be interested in. You could build it on a smaller scale if need be.
It looks great! I have around 4,5x1m balcony which looks like that (don't mind the autumn mess there)

So, the sun doesn't hit the lower area, your stand kinda looks like the fix to my problems here, hah. I was planning to put few containers on the right and few on the left when they'd be big enough but the stand may be better option. Two rows is all I wish to fit there anyway.
I still have plenty of time to think about it from every side and start to make some work.
Thank you so much for the inspiration. I knew coming here is a great idea, I didn't know it will fruit so fast tho :surprised:
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No problem, if you decide you would like to build one similar I could send you the measurements etc. so you could have something to reference. The watering system is very simple as well, each bucket has its own little sprayer in it with a valve to turn water on/off at each sprayer.