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issue Help with Hatch Chiles Damaged leaves

Hatch Chiles from seed, started indoors and planted outside a few months ago. I think I planted them outside too early, and they have struggled to thrive until it really started getting warmer here. Now most of them have this leaf damage. It is only (so far) on the upper leaves, and the lower newer growth seems much better. I look for pests and can not find any. Thoughts?


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I’m in Texas and I have noticed cucumber beetles. It’s been rainy and windy. Different environment though.


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@Tomshell - In addition to slugs, snails can be a problem as well. It's interesting only the upper, larger leaves are damaged. Makes me think "flying", like grasshoppers and crickets. Like slugs and snails, they will eat holes in the center of the leaves like that. I don't think it is a "caterpillar" type insect. They generally start eating on the edge of the leaf and work their way around it. Are you plagued by grasshoppers like the mid-western states?
I have some pics that may shed some light on this. Its incredible what you can see when you look hard enough.....Looks like an egg sac or something, and maybe all the black dots are poop? Last night I went out with a flashlight and saw some small whitish looking bugs, maybe like a spider. And there is some areas that look like little webs.......
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