heat hottest pepper???

red bhut jolokia is the hottest i have eaten so far, but the hottest and best flavor goes to the JAMAICAN HOT CHOCOLATE HABANERO ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITE

The NuMex Scorion is simply a Trinidad Scorpion renamed. they claim it to be the ButchT strain, but they never acquired seeds labeled as ButchT... it "looks like a ButchT" to them.
Don't trust anything you see outside this forum when it comes to chilli.
The hottest chilli in the world IS the "Butch Taylor Trinidad Scorpion" aka ButchT Scorpion.
The Naga Viper is a crappy attempt at making money, and the only people buying into it and making the effort profitable is the people who aren't educated. Please, don't get me started on this issue - you want a hot pepper? It's already in nature - we just had to find it.

Hottest I've ever eaten? The butchT scorpion (dried). It was scorching, can't wait to try a fresh one next season!
I love the flavours of yellow peppers. Yellow is my favourite colour too so go figure. Yellow habaneros, fitali, yellow cayenne.... Love the yellow notes. I want to try yellow naga's and scorps one day :)
Salsa? I'm going to assume a red annum variety. I love citrus salsa's though so yellow cayenne combined with some hotter yellow/orange peppers - put a dab of turmeric in it too to enhance that awesome yellow colour.

It's all about passion and flavour. Believe me a habanero will give you a kick for a while so start low and work your way up to the hotter peppers as there's no way of preparing for them, improving your tolerance to habanero level will make it a little easier.

That's so true. The fact that Guinness took the the single test from Gerald Fowler is mind blowing. The funny thing is that Naga in Hinduism means snake more specifically King Cobra snake. Not much thought was put into the name obviously. Congrats on your King Cobra Viper! ...WTF? tards