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How many hot peppers would you say...

are in each 5 oz. bottle of your respective sauces and to those who charge, what do you charge for a 5 oz. bottle? just curious
umm that alot I make some really hot sauce with like 6-7 super hot and make around 4 oz bottle + so 1.5 super hot by bottle but my tolerance isnt the same to everyone here xD
I would say it depends on the level of pain I wish to inflict.
I normally do one large super hot, or two small super pods per 4 oz. woozy for 'edible' sauce.
While not technically a 'hot sauce', I made a tincure with 50 Bhut Jolokia that yielded about 1.5 fluid oz.
Hops&Habas said:
showmedasauce alkhall charlesquik savinared Thanks for the responses hope they keep coming in, and alkhall interesting on the tincture, howd you end up using that?
Sparingly, one drop is quite potent (it is also 95% alcohol).
I did add a couple drops to a Bhut Jolokia Sauce I made; almost inedible.
I like a good heat, and added flovor, but not so much as to make it unpleasant. I reserve that for those macho guys who can 'handle anything', most of whom regret their bravado, especially the next day...
Hops&Habas said:
savinared what type of peppers? Interesting alk, i do like it very hot.
No matter what type of sauce I make that will be really close to my ratio whether its a jalapeno, habanero, bhut or reaper sauce. I want the pepper to be what you taste upfront and foremost in the sauce.
2 large fatalii in 2gallons of sauce for a nice mild-ish 3/10 sauce

4 cups jalapeños in 15 gallons salsa for a nice mild-ish 3/10 salsa
Good knowledge salsa lady as always. D3monics I feel you, those roasteds sound delicious.
I recently made six bottles from an aged mash of 120 bhut jolokias from 2012 and thats an average of what i put in the sauces, i know its on the higher hear ends but feel its medicinal powers are enhanced.
I roll my recipes by weight, rather than pod count.  i&i tell myself it's more consistent that way, but deep in my cold & little & black heart, I realize that chiles are pretty variable from plant to plant.... so it probably doesn't matter that much.  
D3monic said:
I just made a puree that about 2lb of pods got smoked down to just under a lb and puree yielded 3 4oz jars.... after tasting the puree not sure i'm going to make sauces anymore. May just stick to puree.
Yeah buddy! Purees the way to go. I can't wait for chili weather so I can just throw a spoonful of my choc puree in and know it'll burn just right