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consistency How to thicken your sauce up?

Hi I am very young and just starting, I have made a basic vinegar, pepper sauce and wanted to know what to use to make it thicken up some and still be smooth. I have added some tomato paste but not really trying to add to much of that... any help would be awesome!
red pepper flake works well, but maybe i should not give away all my secrets LOL
put the sauce in the blender throw flake in until its where you want it
it doesnt seem to alter the taste of superhot sauces much i find it works well
hope this helps
thanks your friend Joe
I like my sauces to be around medium thick, thick enough to stay put but thin enough to flow. +1 to the boss for his thread on Natural Gums, they'll do the job. Personally I add some Carrots or Sweet Potato to the sauce to get the consistency I want. I've also used Plantains, only takes a little, Heart of Palm, Celery Root and tested some Taro. By using these I'm not only getting a good consistency but am adding to my over Flavor Profile too. The gums are great when you have the sauce all dialed in but need to add some consistency to them but not change the flavor of the sauce.
More peppers!  :dance:
I used to use xanthan gum but then with a change in technique, roasting before blender, I found I never needed it.
1)  Roast the peppers
2)  Blender with just enough vinegar and water to keep it from choking on them.  If they are roasted the blender can handle a higher pepper to liquid ratio... and roasted peppers are awesome in their own right.
3)  Simmer for 30 minutes.
4)  Foley Food Mill to remove skin particles and seeds, and further pulp-ify the rest.
Doing this it ends up about like thick ketchup, but of course if you put as many peppers into a sauce as it will hold then you're likely to have some really hot sauce which some people just don't appreciate  ;)