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condiment I hate sweet BBQ sauces

Without getting into what BBQ is if possible, (different meanings by region) I'm talking about the condiment. Barbecue sauce.

Was in the grocery store tonight and realized I hate every BBQ sauce there. It is all KC style. (really, high fructose corn syrup and sugar back to back?) Or a Hawaiian/KC sorta ripoff with a bunch of fruit in it. I know I can make my own and do. Mostly mustard or Piedmont styles. (which has some sugar, yes) But it can be good to have a bottle or two of pre made on hand and I know chances are someone here has some suggestions.

My current store bought favorite is Famous Dave's Georgia Mustard. Pretty much the only one of theirs I like. Anybody have any recommendations? Thanks!
So what do you want, Piedmont style?
Hmmm... Narrowed it down enough, huh? :lol:

Or somethin' that ain't overly sweet. Kinda fishin' to see if anybody here makes/sells BBQ sauce.

Neil's Naga Sav has a kinda bbq thing goin' on and I liked it. Just lookin around to see what else is out there.
Just trying to see if you want a vinegar sauce for pulled pork, or a tomato-based sauce, or a mustard sauce. I have some suggestions.

Do you want savory, with little bits of onion and garlic, or sweeter and smooth?
Thick or thin?

It's a survey! LOL
THP, any of the above except sweeter and smooth probably. Seems I like thin too. I would love to hear your suggestions!

Nova, cool, I'll hafta check into it!
I'll also 2nd what Nova said (not thin though). That's a THPA winner, as is what I posted.

Post back with your results :)
Will do once I order, gonna see if my buddies want some. Going to have to get some $ transferred I guess though. One bottle w/ a 10.50 shipping cost is a $18.50 bottle of sauce. Surprised noother recommendations. Does everybody like sweet sauces?
Cool. I'm makin' a list. I could ask other folks 'round town here, but want to see what the well-rounded community here has to say! Thanks PF!
If I use a sauce at all I prefer something spicy, smokey and tangy. I do like some sweet ones with honey. I prefer without HFCS.
Depends on what I'm making. I use a lot of rub when BBQing, don't sauce till the end, but I like it to glaze up and you need sugars for that. For ribs and chicken. Or I can go no sauce and get a nice bark from the right rub for pulled pork. Also like dry ribs too (rub only) so it depends.
I've heard from some self proclaimed bbq purists that bbq only means smoked meat. So that when done it has a smoke ring and that true bbq has nothing to do with the sauce. According to them the sauce ruins the taste of the smoke.
Yeah but boutros wants to keep this a condiment thread so let's get back to that (my fault).
I couldn't think of a specific brand but I was trying to say that whatever he uses should perhaps enhance the natural smokiness without overwhelming it or adding the flavors he does not want. Trying to think of some of the brands I have tried and liked that boutros might want.
Yeah, I get and appreciate the concept PIO. That is BIG topic amongst various people. I never try to pour a big bottle of somethin over a peice of meat I carefully smoked for hours and hours. I really like the concept of using drippings as a base for a simple sauce over whatever was just smoked/grilled, etc. Just lookin' for folks reccomendations for pre made bottles of sauce. For the occasional quick batch of ribs, or for some grilled yardbird.
I am partial to Lexington style barbecue sauce, since it is my hometown and all. Here is a link to a basic version of it that seems pretty accurate:


Notice that it says the sauce is thin...about as far away from KC Masterpiece as you can get, really. Locals actually call it "dip" instead of sauce, and you just pour the thin liquid over your barbeque (in Lexington, this means pit cooked pork shoulders, chopped or sliced). This style goes along the same lines as what pileiton and boutros were talking about...something to enhance the meat you just smoked over hickory coals for hours, not smother it with HFCS. I make my own lexington style "dip" with some bhut jolokia powder mixed in for that extra kick of heat. mmmm...hungry right now just thinking about it.
Yeah, I've had Kentucky style, and the do call it dip. Thin, but this one was sweet. Really sweet.