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condiment I hate sweet BBQ sauces

Ha, I should have clarified that I meant Lexington, North Carolina and not Kentucky! I get the Kentucky thing all the time when I tell people where my hometown is. The Lexington, NC sauce is definitely more on the vinegar side though, and if you ever happen to be in NC in late October, we have our own barbeque festival as well. We humbly call ourselves the Barbeque Capital of the World...just check out the link:

I like Stubbs for store bought and Sweet Baby Rays although that is a thicker sweet sauce - I make my own typically for whatever I am eating at the time but all around we like a tomato/vinegry sauces
Yeah Dj's, I've had some stuff w/ the word Lexington in it- correct or not some places almost use Lexington and Piedmont interchangeably and call em dips. Make a sauce a lot like your link before w/ white rather than cider vinegar and maybe a bit of brown sugar. I like using it as an hourly mop, then eat whatever I had going as is w/o additional sauce. Would love to check out the Carolinas and feed my face sometime.
thehotpepper.com said:
Did you order anything?

Not yet. Moving at California speed. I'm gonna though- I don't wanna let ordering bbq sauce become my own Moyboy/UDS scenario :lol:

Kinda diverted some bbq sauce funds towards some hydro nutrients too. I'll post up when I do though!
Finally got an order in. Contacted the owner of Bgourmet wondering if her sauces were available anywhere else- basically wanted to try her product and get it from a place I could also order up some other BBQ sauces to try. (wanna make it worth the shipping, try stuff from different sources)She was cool, gave me this link http://www.texasfood.com/Sauces-and-Salsas/

Anyway, ordered:
B Gourmet Habanero Sauce
DRI Down Right Incredible BBQ Sauce
Big Dawg Slather Me Tangy BBQ Sauce

All Texas sauces! Will be interesting to see how I like em and how they stack up to my favorite Carolina styled sauces!
I like the sweet ones myself, but not overly so. Cookies makes a decent sauce that you can use as a base. I do the same with KC Masterpiece original. Add lemon/lime juice or even vinegar to mellow the sweet then a good shake of the Trinidad Congo pepper powder mixed in and you've got yourself a winner.

When I do use a bbq sauce I usually wait until the last 10 minutes or so of cooking and then burn the sauce onto the meat. Heaven baby.

Now boutros lets hear about some sauces.
Thanks for the link chilehead and tips Patrick- been really busy w/ work and stuff, hope to get a minute to do some proper q'n and reviewin' soon. Will be feeding my face at the Cajun festival here this weekend, so will have to shoot for the next one.

I'm one sauce down already- wanted to try a three variety head to head sorta thing but my wife snagged one of the bottles and used it on some crock pot country ribs one day. Turns out some tender eats and all, but can kinda change the way a sauce comes across. She used the Big Dawg Slather Me Tangy BBQ sauce. Hard to judge after it has been through the slow cooker, but have to say I'd get it again over any of the other stuff off the shelf at our local grocery stores. Definitely wasn't too sweet. That alone is huge for my tastes. Wish I could remember more about it- was kinda tipsy at the time though. Have the other two hid and will give the others a more thorough try.
if I use a base BBQ sauce its Sweet Baby Rays, then I add spices and peppers accordingly

Sweet Baby Rays is amazing as it is
wheebz said:
if I use a base BBQ sauce its Sweet Baby Rays, then I add spices and peppers accordingly

Sweet Baby Rays is amazing as it is

I'll do the same in a pinch -- I'll add cider vinegar to thin it and tangify then add some of my rub -- when I take the foil off I save the juices and add that as well
Good tips LD, like the foil drippin's mix-in especially. Sweet Baby Ray's reg sauce is not one of my faves though, and the others are way too well, it's all in the name... Different strokes though. I'll have to try the reg cut w/ some cider vinegar sometime.
Add a little red wine with a dash of salt to sweet BBQ sauce to cut it.
Cool THP. Will get on some red sauce bbq'n this weekend. Did a couple chickens up last Sunday evening, but had to go Alabama white sauce with em.
Finally did up some food w/ THP's recommendation- the Borderline Gourmet Habanero bbq/marinade sauce. Really dug this one. Not sweet, nice tang to it, (has some vinegars and tamarind in there) and what I'd describe as a kinda richness (?) that lingers after the tang. All the ingredients and flavors blend together very well. Thinner than a KC style sauce, thicker than a Piedmont or Lexington Dip style. Wouldn't describe the sauce as particularly spicy, but most folks outside of this forum would I'm sure. One thing I do have to say is I could see some getting a bit thrown off by the name of the product. The term "Borderline" in Borderline Gourmet brings up a connotation other than the one that I think that they intended. (Austin TX, sorta by the Mexican border I guess?)

Bottom line is I really enjoy this sauce, a fine product- and plan on ordering a few bottles to have on hand.

Here's a fast pic, these were supposed to be some country ribs, some still had the bones in though. Did the meat low and slow, with nothing else rub or smokin' wood wise, just the sauce.

The Borderline Gourmet Hab sauce is on the right in this pic

The sauce on the left is one I ordered from the same place and not affiliated w/ Borderline Gourmet. This sauce came w/o shrink wrap over the seal, and/or doesn't have one of those pop-up "seal has been broken" buttons, etc. Kinda bummed on that. Adds a element of mystery that I don't really need or like. The first ingredients after water in the sauce is tomato paste and the second is brown sugar too. Don't like the packaging, and pretty sure I know how it'll taste. So I'm bailing on it.
I knew you'd like the Borderline sauces. The pic looks great.

I believe they just go by "B Gourmet" now due to name interpretation issues.

You should try their rubs too.