Im finally off and running!

Hi Guys,

Ive been reading and looking at all your seedling posts & pictures with envy over the last few weeks. Many of you already have nice, healthy looking little and seedlings and plants whilist my seeds have had to make do with dreaming of finding a home in some nice soft compost.

Im getting married later this year and thats taken up more of my time than the chillis recently Crying or Very sad

However, Ive finally off my priorities straight Wink and have planted up 35 of so varieties this morning. Im opted for my usual electric blanket, propergator method and hope to post some pics soon.

Ive also updated my blog, which you can find here:

Hope your seedlings are coming along nicely. Speak to you soon

All my little seedlings are patiently waiting for the weather to settle down so they can go outside. Although it is 80 degrees during the day I dont plan to put anything outside until mid April.



good luck with wedding and the peppers Mark
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your kind words. Ive done very little wedding planning on my side as the big days not until October which gives me plenty of time. Its also at the end of the chilli season (at least here in the UK) - pure coincidence of course ;-)

Well the seeds have been in for 6 days now and not one has sprouted so far. Most of them are Chinense or Pubescens which can take a few weeks. If ive still got a load or no shows this time next week, I might be a little worried.

Herne - That is a great looking lighting set up you have there. It must cost you bit on the electricity though.
The lights are only 26w so its pretty cheap to run. The fixtures are just standard workshop clamp lights (12" I think)that I got from Lowes for $10 each. The bulbs were $6.50 a pair from wallymart. They dont give off much heat but the room they are in is pretty warm anyways.