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In search of Curry Leaf and Pandan seeds/plants

I just got an email response from Well Sweep and they have both. Curry Leaf is $13 and Pandan $20. Shipping to Texas is more than the plants though - best if you're in the NY/NJ area.
The first of my Amazon curry leaf seeds arrived today. Sadly they're not curry leaf seeds! They look like basil. Fortunately they were only $2 but I'm not holding out much hope for my other orders...
A few weeks ago, @wiriwiri kindly let me know that Logee's had pandan plants in stock. While they were a little pricey, the shipping was not too silly so I bought a couple. They were shipped priority mail on the 5th and got lost in the USPS mess that we're currently experiencing. The arrived yesterday and I was expecting the worst from plants stuck in a box for nearly 2 weeks! But they look great. I unpacked them and sat them in a tray to acclimatize indoors. One will be kept inside and the other will be moved out in a couple of weeks.

My curry leaf plant is still alive and had put on some growth. She suffers a little in the afternoon sun but recovers well overnight. I'm going to engineer some kind of green house with heating to protect her during January/February.
saiias said:
Nice Siv. What is the light like thingy in your curry leaf plant?
It's a heat lamp. I used to use it in previous years to try to protect from freezing during the coldest nights. It kinda worked but would work a whole lot better with some kind of enclosure and temperature control. This plant is going to get a lot of investment come December!
Thats nice! I have germinated curry seeds before and I think they have to be fresh to germinate. but fresh out of the berry I think I ended up with 100% germination.
I have abused these plants so badly and they keep coming back. I have kept one alive (barely) for the last 5-6 years in northern utah after I brought it with me from San Diego when I moved....
Good luck!
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I was reminded by Wiriwiri's post that it's time for a little update.
The curry leaf plant that I got from the Indian store is doing really well. She's huge now:

And has several babies growing at the base. I'm toying with the idea of transplanting these into their own pots.

From the 4 seeds that I got, two germinated and have produced these little guys:

Finally, the pandan plants from Logees are doing well indoors. They're probably in need of a repot:
So with a freeze last week I decided to top the outdoor curry leaf plant and build a little tent for it. I've stuck a heat mat in there with the thermostat set to 40F and it seemed to work. It seems pretty happy in there.


And the leaves we harvested from the topping are so fragrant that we've been using them for cooking instead of the older stash.

I've repotted the pandan and the seed starts into self watering containers and they're staying indoors until spring. I also stuck the top from the haircut I gave the big one in the pot and it seems to be hanging on.
Over Christmas, my wife and I went to one of the larger Asian supermarkets in Houston and found these large Pandan plants. I brought home a couple. Now that I have 4, these two are going to be planted in the ground beside the wall of the house. Hopefully they grow nice and large enough to survive the cold and the end of the year.

This year I'm also going to try and get as many curry leaf plants into their own pots so that I never lose them again. I'll keep several indoors to ensure I'll always have some. Oh and the cutting didn't make it, sadly.