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In search of Curry Leaf and Pandan seeds/plants

The Texas Icepocalypse was not kind to my curry leaf plant. She was doing so well, nicely protected in her tent with heater and everything. Until we lost power. No power = no heat. I dreaded opening up and seeing what happened but I did and it was not pretty. All the green had died.

I left it and pondered life. Everything turned brown and dropped off so all that was left were some twigs. But as the days passed, I started to see some green! Hopefully we'll have a nice full recovery - I'm so happy to see the resilience of this tough little plant.
My wife was gifted a small curry leaf plant by a friend and it's been barely holding on. She keeps it on a windowsill where it gets very little sun but its surviving. Though, the last week or so we've seen some new behaviour from it - flowers! I'm excited to see if we get seeds. This will be the first time every if they actually get to maturity. Fingers crossed!
After looking back at those photos from March, the curry leaf plant recovery is just stunning!

Of the seeds, only the one indoors survived - the outdoor ones didn't make it. I'm gonna keep this inside the house as a back-up.

Sadly my pandans from Logees didn't survive but the once from the store is doing well in a sister pot to the curry leaf plant.
It's been a while and a lot has changed so an update may be interesting.

My original plant has somehow managed to survive this year's frost and has come back strong. She's doing pretty well.


The sole plant that survived from seed is doing OK and is being kept indoors. She had a small aphid infestation that was dealt with quickly with pyrethrin. I think a little fertilizer may help.


Last August I visited my uncle in Dallas and as he was moving to Atlanta he gave me some plants, including a curry leaf. He didn't do so well with the frost early this year but is hanging on. I put him in the other large pot and the growth is slower as it gets more shade. Hopefully we'll see some more action over the next few months.


And finally, our last plant was taken outside into a pot on the other side of the house. She transplant shock has sent her to seed!



Finally, none of my pandans have survived. I thought they would be OK outside but they just can't cope with the winter temps. I haven't given up though and will be sourcing another later in the year.