Ingredient Weight?

I am getting my sauces testing for PH level etc.  I have most of them tested but need a couple of more done.  The company is asking me to send in my ingredient list based off of weight instead of measurements.

The question I have is what is a good scale to measure small amounts of ingredients.  

I have tried four different ones and I cannot get to measure accurately at this small level.

I want to ensure the weights are accurate and not the scale rounding up or down.

Any ideas?

Thank you!!
Use a digital scale and measure in grams....

The one I have measures in ounces, pounds and grams. The range is up to 2 kilo/4 pounds. Look for a digital scale for the range you need, also keeping in mind that for some ingredients, you can weigh it out in batches to get the total amount you need.

1200g + 1200g= what's needed even though the scale is only good to 2000g

Mine was about $125.

Listing your ingredients by grams/weight really helps the PA to do calculations and will also help you to make a consistent product every batch.
Edit to include...using the scale I have, I can list some ingredients down to 1 or 2 grams, which may be 1/2 teaspoon, depending on the spice.
Hey saleslady!

Thank you for always giving good advice.

A follow up question is am I looking at it wrong.  Essentially I was telling him heres the ingredients I use to make a single bottle of hot sauce because right now I only test bath a few bottles at a time.  When I go to launch I am going to be making it in 10 gallon batches.  Should I weigh it out with the smaller size to keep it accurate instead of the 10 gallon batches?

Can I ask you what scale you use?  The one I purchased from my local Target is not able to measure accurately enough at lower weight I believe.  It maybe able to but I just do not trust it.

Thank you!

I went with the Gemini Series Precision Digital Milligram Scale to get my measurements to the PA.  After that I will buy a larger scale so I can measure the larger ingredients for when I bottle.  Thank you for the help SL.

Late reply, but mine is an AND.
I love my escali Vera.

2kg(4.4lb) down to .1g

does dry and fluid measure.
Oz/lb gram/kilogram ; FL oz , ml

Fluid measure is handy for not having to use measuring cups or spoons while baking.

Escali is a great brand-name in scales and they have other options if you are looking for something that does higher volumes.