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video Iron Mike's Original Recipe Artisanal Hot Sauce Review

All good. My tolerance by some standards is low, but as you say, it is subjective.
To me it is extra hot. I enjoy it very much, it really is as good as any sauce I've had with a very unique flavor profile. It pops hard on the taste buds (in a good way), it ain't by any stretch "hot sauce lite."  I use it with a certain degree of moderation. For me, it is a delicate line with hot sauces, balancing flavor with heat. Mike nailed it with this one, even though it's a bit on the hot side, I wouldn't change a thing about it.
The Hot Pepper said:
See, if WM likes it you need a hotter one.... :lol:
hahahaahaha j/k WM but you did say you have a low tolerance...
On a serious note, did you find Mike's sauce medium, hot, extra hot, extreme???
It was on the verge of extreme to me. Very sharp burn. I've never ate any extract sauce though, besides a tip of a toothpicks worth.
Ashen said:
If you had hidden the toilet paper too, we might have finally known the Hott Dudes secret identity. :)
Save the planet! Recycle! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The Hot Pepper said:
On a serious note, did you find Mike's sauce medium, hot, extra hot, extreme???
Obviously, I was tailoring the flavor profile of this sauce to my own personal preference, but I honestly wasn't "exactly" sure where the heat level would wind up. This was the very first (and only, I think?) sauce I ever made with Douglahs. Turns out the heat level is precisely where I'd hoped it would end up. Talk about luck, haha! I'm extremely proud of this sauce, and I can honestly say that the recipe has not changed (minus the liquid smoke) since the very first time I made it. No tweaks. Nothing. Straight from the fermenting jar to the blender, to the stock pot. No additions, no "resting" period, nothing. Just bottled. I was extremely lucky with the results, IMO. Especially since I was just winging it the first time I made it, haha.

That being said, I know what you mean about the number scales, particularly once they go PAST 10. For my preference (subjective tolerance), I put anything 10 or above into a "10+" category, I'd call it. I'm not gonna bother with trying to place something at a 12, 13, 14, etc. "10+" works for me. Once it gets to a certain heat level, it's doesn't become enjoyable to me anymore. That's where I'd draw the line at "10+" ;)

Anyway, to me, this sauce just crosses over into "Extra Hot" territory. Not quite to "Extreme." If I had to give it a number, on "my scale," I'd probably put at 7.5 - 8. That's eating it directly off of a spoon though
("Extreme" would probably start at 9, for me)

Can't say enough about how grateful I am for all of your kind words about this sauce, everyone! I really thought I was onto something when I first made it, and it sounds (to me) like a lot of you are confirming my beliefs. Thanks again! :cheers:

Side note: I did end up making a "medium" version of this sauce, and just bottled it yesterday. Once I'm done fermenting another "original" batch, you guys can start checking your mailboxes to do side-by-side comparisons :party:
(and to let me know if the medium one deserves its own label ;) )

Thanks, everybody
MikeUSMC said:
Once it gets to a certain heat level, it's doesn't become enjoyable to me anymore. 
Not all sauces are made for eating on a spoon. Well none are really lol!
But I think a lot of extremely hot sauces get unfairly knocked. True they are so hot you don't have time to taste. But that's a spoon test. Make a pot of chili, and put one tablespoon of said sauce. See how it heats it up, and also, get a taste of those peppers. Soups, pasta sauces, etc. They have their place, but yes, for putting straight on something, I hear ya.
I'm excited about the medium batch, I use a hefty portion of sauce when I use it. The flavor is definitely there in the sauce, but yeah to me its probably a 9. I'm sure if you cook with it the sweetness comes out. I made wings with some of my sauce and they weren't really hot at all.
I would consider it a very hot sauce, not so hot you cant taste the food hot but more than enough to get your attention, to take another bite. I think Reggie hit the nail on the head, it lulls you into a wonderful aroma before lighting your mouth on fire (in a good way). Well done Mike, thanks for sharing it with me.
Edmick said:
Not sure if Mike informed you otherwise but the one I reviewed was smoked pods but just an old label listing it as smoke flavoring
Proof! Just started another batch the other day :)

The Hot Pepper said:
I'm not a huge fan of liquid smoke but it was done nicely here. I often pick out metallic or bitter notes and that did not happen.
If the bottle you got DID have liquid smoke in it, it was only 1/2 teaspoon per 1/2 gallon batch