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Is this officer right or wrong? You be the judge!

First off heres my comment,
[background=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.701961)]Cops arent always in the right, sometimes they abuse their power, or even break the law! However, if a citizen is not cooperating when be asked more then once to do something by the officer and doesnt do so, the officer is within his/her rights to use force as long as its not excessive force and justified by law, [/background]
He deservied, If i am not mistaken inf fla you can be arrested for not signing the ticket and taken to jail. Than when they are out the car, and the cops tells him to stop with tha tazer pointed at him he walks away, and continues to walk and disobeying orders.

The guy seemed like he was causing promblems since the stop and argueing about it. If he knew there was no sign, should of gone to court insteady of refuing to sign ticket.
I couldn't hear this because of the computer I was on, but I saw this video a couple years ago when it happened. If I recall correctly the cop got angry because this guy refused to sign the ticket. In Idaho and Utah you are not legally obligated to sign the ticket - granted he shouldn't have walked away, but the cop was abusing his authority at the point where he tries to make the guy sign it. Then to taze him on top of that - just because he wouldn't sign - is just wrong. That's why this caused such an uproar when it happened a few years ago.
Another douche bag cop.

This video serves no perpose other than to get people all stirred up.

The cop was wrong and that's it.
This is what happens when two assholes collide. The guy is an asshole for not signing the ticket and shutting his mouth, cop is an asshole for well, being a power-mad domineering prick.

Both should be sterilized to prevent further degradation of the gene pool.
[sup]Ya a tazing is a pretty serious thing.....like you think they'd only use it when threatened or dealing with an angry boisterous person that could cause trouble. What would have happened if he'd just let him go? If it's that big of deal the guy would have ended up in court with this video as evidence of him being a jerk, disregarding officer demands, and not signing the ticket. He woulda been punished then. But to taze him for walking away and not signing a ticket? bull****[/sup]
The officer is legally correct. The question in my mind is whether this was an authorized taser use under that department's policy. If you want to be obstinate with a cop, there may be consequences.
Tazer is a compliance tool, if you are being non compliant, the purpose of the tazer is to gain compliance without injury.

If you have never been tazed, it is not that bad, rather be tazed than sprayed.
Well apparently the driver took it to court and recieved a $40,000.00 settlement. The officer was cleared of any wrongdoing but was required to complete a verbal communications course before returning to duty.

The driver pleaded guilty and paid a $107.00 fine but later filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the officer used excessive force. The state paid him to avoid what they thought would be a lengthy and expensive trial.

Anyways that's what a YouTube follow up said.
Tazer is a compliance tool, if you are being non compliant, the purpose of the tazer is to gain compliance without injury.

If you have never been tazed, it is not that bad, rather be tazed than sprayed.

Tazing not that bad?

Tell it to Kelly Thomas.
The guy deserved what he got -- The officer had not searched him after getting him out of the vehicle and him walking away from the officer and having his hands near his pocket heading back toward the vehicle when he was being instructed to turn around and place his hands behind his back is clearly not following the officers commands I'd say he should consider himself lucky the officer had the tazer out and not the handgun !
I can't answer this because I don't know the officer's thoughts. If he felt threatened, then he took the appropriate action. If it was done as punishment it was wrong. A tazer is meant for non life threatening situations, which this was. I can only guess as to whether the officer truly felt in danger or if he was simply punishing disobedience.
In some states signing the ticked is a confession of guilt. Unless you are told that a signature is not a confession of guilt, DO NOT SIGN!! This situation is trivial however because a police officer can not detain you unless he has reasonable suspicion of you committing a crime. The "suspect" got his citation with a date to appear in court. He should have never been made to get out of the car. The officer should have stated reasonable suspicion of a crime and detained the driver and passenger properly. The officer did escalate the situation and handled it unjustly. The suspect walking to the car could have been perceived as a threat to officer safety because he did not know what is in the car. I did notice the officer did not check for traffic before he fired his tazer. A judge found the officer to be in the wrong if the then plaintiff was awarded. That is democratic justice so you cant argue with that.
Unless you are familiar with that particular states laws, then everything posted is just an opinon. In Texas, refual to sign the ticket, which is just a summons to court, will get you a free ride to jail. Where you can take care of the check, usually the following day, after staying overnight in the jail.

So before you refuse to sign a traffic citation, understand local law. Do not rely on the internet or pepper boards for legal advice.

Btw, in Texas, if a subject is non compliant, during a traffic stop or any stop with reasoable suspicion, the person can be cuffed and detained for a reasonable amount of time for the officer to gain a better understanding of the situation. If after a thorough investigation all is well the person should be released. Thourough normally means being able to ID a person and check them for outstanding warrants. Should take less than 5 minutes, if the person cooperates.

Also which states, a list please with links or references, where a signed ticket is a confession of guilt. In the United States everyone is entitled to a court date. Correct?