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It's never too early to get started!

Sooo... 2022 season is over and most of my 2023 plants are already there - no reason not to start a new thread already! 😃

See my previous glog... https://thehotpepper.com/threads/2022-too-early-to-get-started.75362/

While all my current plants are technically overwinterers, only a couple have grown through the 2022 season and are considered interesting enough to keep for next seasons grow.

Let's start with the famous Schneider farms SB plant, which will be going into it's third season in 2023. It currently doesn't look all that nice but that was also the case during the winter of 2021 so no worries here...

20221203 132021 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000376.JPG

Top view:

20221203 132038 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO250 P1000377.JPG

Next in row is my Scotch Brains plant...

20221203 132124 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000378.JPG

Top view:

20221203 132137 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000379.JPG

And then there's the Humble Servants Homestead (HSH) SB, which was also elected to stay for next season...

20221203 132244 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000380.JPG

Top view:

20221203 132259 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000381.JPG
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Hi Marc, I have seen that you and @SineNomine (both of you in Europe like me) grow the Lesya pepper, next year I'd like to try growing it but I can't find an EU seller, do you know a reliable website? Thanks!

I got my seeds from a seller in the Netherlands but I can't remember which one it was. I'll have to look that up...
Here's a proper update of my 2024 grow...

20240626 180631 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3458.jpg

20240626 180714 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3460.jpg

SB Jamaican Long (WHP):

20240626 180926 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3462.jpg

20240626 181014 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3463.jpg

Papa Dreadie G2-2018 (Sawyer):

20240626 181232 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3465.jpg

20240626 181306 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3466.jpg

20240626 181330 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO400 DSCF3467.jpg

SB Schneider Farms (WHP):

20240626 181505 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3469.jpg

20240626 181539 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO400 DSCF3470.jpg


20240626 181716 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3472.jpg

20240626 181745 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3473.jpg

SB Allen Boatman (WHP):

20240626 181908 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO400 DSCF3475.jpg

SB Marabella Market (WHP):

20240626 182029 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO400 DSCF3477.jpg

SB Foodarama (WHP):

20240626 182202 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3479.jpg


20240626 182345 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO400 DSCF3481.jpg

Bahamian Goat (WHP):

20240626 182715 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3484.jpg

20240626 182641 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3483.jpg

SB MOA Yellow (WHP):

20240626 182826 X-T2 60.00mm f8 ISO200 DSCF3486.jpg

SB Jamaican True Form (Semillas):

20240626 182951 X-T2 60.00mm f9 ISO200 DSCF3488.jpg

SB Beth Boyd (WHP):

20240626 183117 X-T2 60.00mm f9 ISO200 DSCF3490.jpg

I may have started my season very early (October 2023) but those are the plants that are flowering/fruiting right now. The ones that I started at a more "normal" date still need to start flowering! 😉
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A couple of weeks back I started some of the smoked Jeromin seeds. None of them germinated, so I started a second round of about 30 seeds. No success so far, so I started digging around in the soil and found one seed that came to life. Now I hope I didn't damage it with the digging and it will pop. And then I hope I can grow it out to a fruiting plant to save some fresh seeds...

And then I'm also already starting to think about next years grow. Based on my experience with current season, I learned that an early start can be an advantage. I'm planning on starting around the second half of September. The grow of the young plants will stall during the winter months and restart growing near the end of February. By April, plants will already start flowering. Now about the varieties... 🤔
Now about those varieties...

There will definitely be my favorite yellow scotch bonnet, which I love on pizza and in stir fries. I will also grow the yellow 7pot brainstrain again as this has become an ingredient in my pineapple-mango-jam, replacing the scotch bonnet that I used originally.
I will also try the KSLS again. This time not from given seeds but from seeds from a reputable source.
Then... there's something playing in my head... I would like to try to cross a couple of varieties, more specifically the scotch brains and the SB7J. Why? Because both are a bonnet x 7pot cross and they somewhat resemble each other. Does it make sense to try it? Dunno... Will I succeed? Dunno either, I never tried crossing peppers before. Should be a fun project...

In fact I only need 2 or so plants to fill in my pepper needs. All the rest is surplus that I may never need. I still have more than enough pods in the freezer from last years harvest, and those are also from only 2 plants. I don't actually need this years plants. And maybe that's a good thing as I still think this year is going to be a fiasco...
Ah!.... a first bahamian goat pepper is ripening!...


It's only a small pod though... I guess this is what I'll have to vive with this season... pods just don't want to grow any larger. But I hope the taste is ok, then I'll finally know if the bahamian goat is as good as they say 🙂



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Both pods were virtually seedless (the papa dreadie contained one seed 🙂). Both were also very sweet with a little heat. The papa dreadie was about twice as hot as the bahamian goat I think. The goat did not have a chinense taste. Papa did, but not in an unpleasant way. I liked them both!
Goat on top, papa bottom...
Another day, another pod... err... berry 😁
This time it's a HSH bonnet, with the usual pumpkin shape. Again it's a small pod. Gonna have to get used to that this season I'm afraid...
It was reasonably hot, sweet and citrusy 🙂