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It's never too early to get started!

Sooo... 2022 season is over and most of my 2023 plants are already there - no reason not to start a new thread already! πŸ˜ƒ

See my previous glog... https://thehotpepper.com/threads/2022-too-early-to-get-started.75362/

While all my current plants are technically overwinterers, only a couple have grown through the 2022 season and are considered interesting enough to keep for next seasons grow.

Let's start with the famous Schneider farms SB plant, which will be going into it's third season in 2023. It currently doesn't look all that nice but that was also the case during the winter of 2021 so no worries here...

20221203 132021 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000376.JPG

Top view:

20221203 132038 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO250 P1000377.JPG

Next in row is my Scotch Brains plant...

20221203 132124 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000378.JPG

Top view:

20221203 132137 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000379.JPG

And then there's the Humble Servants Homestead (HSH) SB, which was also elected to stay for next season...

20221203 132244 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000380.JPG

Top view:

20221203 132259 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8.00 ISO200 P1000381.JPG
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I did... back in 2020... before the import rules changed...
If RFC is willing to send to Europe and you agree with paying the import fee there shouldn't be a problem...
Danish import rules are crazy. It's handled by the postal service and packages that haven't had tax/vat paid before getting into the country and in their hands are not only charged with tax/vat but also a 160 kroner (about €21,50) handling fee, making seeds bought from outside the EU way too expensive.

This doesn't apply to things bought from places like Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress because they charge vat when you buy from them and then you don't have to pay the handling fee to PostNord when it passes through their hands.
Yep, I know what you mean... πŸ™„
I can accept that they charge VAT, but the handling fee is ridiculous, especially because they don't actually do anything with the package, at least not in my experience...

Now, if RFC would just mail their seeds in a regular envelope there wouldn't be a problem (WHP does it).
I am not buying any more seeds this year
And I definitely mean it
Coming December, you are going to regret writing down this statement. I'm making a screenshot.

@Simcows That's to kind! (I used to buy seeds at Kitazawa and Baker Creek. Nowadays I just browse their websites.) But I am going to decline as well. My seed storage box is cramped to the max.

If you need me to send some seeds from The Netherlands to Germany, let me know! For example, this store can be a joy of you're looking for vegetable seeds.
@MarcV @Tinkerbelle @Nulle and @Ratatouille - if you truly do want something from RFC (or anywhere else in North America) and are able to wait I am going to Germany at the end of next month and am able to take them with me there to send out to you. DM me and we can figure something out :)
It's not like I don't have enough seeds already... I have heaps of seed packs from RFC that I've never grown out. But I will check if they have anything that is of interest to me that I don't already have 😁
After all, seeds are not just something to grow out, they're also a collectors item 😊.
After all, seeds are not just something to grow out, they're also a collectors item 😊.
I'm just now looking at what's available at Matt's Peppers. I have spotted at least three new varieties for my collection. My 2024 collection that is. πŸ™ˆ

(The Dreamcatcher x Purple Jalapeno and the Sugar Drop Orange... 😍)