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jalapenos, granny smith apples and garlic, oh my

Took a stab at a jalapeno garlic sauce yesterday. Went a bit overboard with the lime juice and coriander, still turned out tasty but wasn't what I had in mind. Has a nice citrusy presence and very mild heat- even the wife likes it and she gave up tasting my sauces a long time ago! To me it tastes like a salsa verde, wasn't what I intended but still pretty good. Think it would go really well on chicken or seafood. I think next attempt i'll back off the lime and maybe skip the coriander, maybe drop an apple and bump the garlic.
2lbs jalapeno
3 granny smith apples
2 green bell pepper
3 cups white vinegar
1 cup lime juice
5oz minced garlic
4oz salt
1oz black pepper
1oz onion powder
.5oz oregano
.5oz coriander
ended up with 18 bottles to pass out to friends and family


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BadWolf said:
It is, we baked some chicken with it that night. My wife doesn't do spice at all and she added more sauce after cooking the chicken! One of my coworkers is the pickiest eater I've ever met and he even liked it!
That's how you know it's REALLY GOOD  :dance: