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Jalapenos & more

I really wanted to try out writing a glog and hope that you find it interesting to follow. I have some jalapenos, naga morich and bunch of hainan yellow lantern growing at the moment. I plan to mature the jalapenos in the tent and for the rest - i wish i can already move to grow outside on the balcony in month or two.

The biggest two in the picture are jalapenos. Naga morich is the medium sized one and hainan yellow lanterns are those two seedlings. I have also more seedlings of hainan in the tent as well, but these can't be seen on these pictures.

I'm also considering sprouting some seeds for more seedlings, but I'm having difficult time choosing which variety to choose. I have seeds from the following chilies:

  • Kongo Brown
  • Fatalii Red
  • Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
  • Yellow Bhut Jolokia


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