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JGundos Glog ... Sloppy I know!!!

Well, I had a very productive season last year and all I wanted to do is Try different things... So this year I said "I'm only going to grow a couple of know peppers. That the rest would be things I haven't done before" .. Then I came across the black seeds.. LOL anyways here are a few pictures of my stuff I'm sure I have a lot missing but I will be much better next year with records and such. i will attach a complete list as to what is up and going right now, but I'm sure I will be adding to it....lol

and so it begans LOL

20230124_171155.jpg 20230124_171136.jpg 20230124_171121.jpg 20230124_171054.jpg 20230124_171036.jpg 20230124_171022.jpg 20230124_171007.jpg 20230124_170954.jpg 20230124_170937.jpg 20230124_170856.jpg 20230124_170840.jpg 20230315_094137.jpg 20230315_093859.jpg 20230315_093907.jpg 20230315_093913.jpg 20230315_093918.jpg 20230315_093951.jpg 20230315_093955.jpg 20230315_093958.jpg 20230315_094005.jpg 20230315_094008.jpg 20230315_094121.jpg

20230319_162343.jpg 20230319_162355.jpg 20230319_162430.jpg

The unlabeled pots are edamommy and the unlabeled tray is wasabi :

I know it is a total mess right now, I did so much better keeping records and tracking things last year.. With everything I have had going on this year, I hope to be better about it... but so far so good.. and it's all about the fun, food, and flavor, oh yea, and the heat lol.
I'm with you in looking the hooks out of the soil, trust me. But sometimes they do need more time. I learned this recently after I was about to give up, something emerged after almost 40 days. The people on this forum were right in telling me I should give it some more time. 🤣
Ok here is my Updated Growing List, I know it's a lot, but I grow for A few families and I do starts for 3 elderly ladies (Who love my tomatoes and Sweet peppers) and a few boy scouts (they want different Hots) from the troop my son is part of. My Greenhouse is going to stay mostly Hawaiians, I Plan on making a lot of chili Pepa Water (OMG YummY). And I'm hoping to save enough seeds to do the grow with kids event. Plus my wife loves to make cowboy candy with a twist, she does it with different peppers (sugar rush strips). The only thing I have plans on starting more of right now is The Hawaiian sweets, and if I can get seeds the Capsicum Flexuosum, but I want to try and grow them year-round as a bush in the yard. The Ornamental peppers are for hanging baskets around the house and a few house Plants. I'm going to try my hand at a bonchi this year as well with the Cheiro Roxa. I have seen them and think it would be a blast to try... I know I'm being adventurous with the list but next year will not be this long ... Im still finding what I like... lol If I can get some of the Black Seeds that I'm testing up and going I have some special 5 gal cedar Pots that they will be going into so that I can winter them and keep them up and going... but its all a learning experience. OMG my wife is Like NO MORE SEEDS LOL as I just ordered MORE.......LOL