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JGundos Glog ... Sloppy I know!!!

Well, I had a very productive season last year and all I wanted to do is Try different things... So this year I said "I'm only going to grow a couple of know peppers. That the rest would be things I haven't done before" .. Then I came across the black seeds.. LOL anyways here are a few pictures of my stuff I'm sure I have a lot missing but I will be much better next year with records and such. i will attach a complete list as to what is up and going right now, but I'm sure I will be adding to it....lol

and so it begans LOL

20230124_171155.jpg 20230124_171136.jpg 20230124_171121.jpg 20230124_171054.jpg 20230124_171036.jpg 20230124_171022.jpg 20230124_171007.jpg 20230124_170954.jpg 20230124_170937.jpg 20230124_170856.jpg 20230124_170840.jpg 20230315_094137.jpg 20230315_093859.jpg 20230315_093907.jpg 20230315_093913.jpg 20230315_093918.jpg 20230315_093951.jpg 20230315_093955.jpg 20230315_093958.jpg 20230315_094005.jpg 20230315_094008.jpg 20230315_094121.jpg

20230319_162343.jpg 20230319_162355.jpg 20230319_162430.jpg

The unlabeled pots are edamommy and the unlabeled tray is wasabi :

I know it is a total mess right now, I did so much better keeping records and tracking things last year.. With everything I have had going on this year, I hope to be better about it... but so far so good.. and it's all about the fun, food, and flavor, oh yea, and the heat lol.
This is the last of my seeds im starting this season... lol ... Maybe ... lol

This is what i have left in my washroom Grow area... LOL... ignore the water, I'm watering them right now thats why I'm able to pop some pics


Ok so as most of you know i have a heated greenhouse so that here is the update on them, but if you notice theres a lot les plants i will get there lol, oh and trust me im not down any plants lol

Ok so if you all noticed its a bit lighter in there that because I did a thing to help with air flow an keep things going till I can plant... I picked up a cheep portable green house and a small heater and thermometer to hold out till i can plant lol so far its doing good... been up for a few days now no issues.

so as promised here is the update lol... I hope the weather warms up very soon lol
enjoying the process and looking forward to the harvest!
Hello all, I know it's been a bit, but I wanted to give an update... my peppers are doing awesome... been picking like crazy.... and my grand daughter keeps eating all the black cherry tomatoes... lol... love when kids enjoy the fruits of the season.


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GRR, I just realized, we ate the Lessya pepper before I got pictures of it :( ... this is my granddaughter's favorite pepper... will be growing from now on lol. I hope i get a few more of them so that i can save seeds, they take forever to ripen. I will be updating everything this weekend.
Wow my peppers are going awesome this year. And I'm taking good notes of what changes I'm going to make, and I'm starting to get my seed together for the seed train. And wow have we been canning, fermenting, and making paperka powder,
chili powder, drying thai dragons, and tsin tsins. Hope this works from my phone.
20230910_152028.jpg 20230910_143729.jpg 20230910_143721.jpg 20230910_143702.jpg 20230910_143651.jpg 20230910_143627.jpg 20230910_143622.jpg 20230910_143607.jpg 20230910_143602.jpg 20230910_143552.jpg 20230910_143543.jpg 20230910_143512.jpg 20230910_143512.jpg 20230910_143432.jpg 20230910_142645.jpg 20230910_142316.jpg 20230910_142302.jpg


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