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JJJessee 2023

Happy First Full Day of Winter(snow,sleet,ice,mud,short-dark-days) to all who celebrate!

Which also mean it's the un-official First Day of 2023 Pepper Season.
Seeds just seem to want to grow when the sun turns back.

I appreciate this community being here though my contributions are somewhat lean these days.
Whatsoever I might know about peppers came from right here, and the garden of course

Germinator 2000 has gotten some upgrades and a new home.

The garage is too expensive to heat so me better half has given me a spot in her basement.
I've ran a crop or two of lettuce under these new LEDs and they seem fine if not excellent.
Most in need of space is my baby orchids right now.
So true to my form, it will be studied chaos by the time spring arrives (only 13 weeks!)

I decided to celebrate by getting my Yellow Manzano seeds in dirt.
Just looking for three plants, max.
They need more time indoors if my past experience is good, and a larger, more mature plants going in the ground should help with the longer
season requirement too.

It's a great pepper.

As are most of them :lol:
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Coties in the air.

2023-01-02 09 20 49.jpg

4 of 6 seeds sprouted in 12 days; not bad for a manzano I think.
I left the dome off the tray overnight and they were getting toasty dry.
Small-cell sprouting trays are not forgiving.
Soil is just some left-over potting mix I've made.

For what it's worth....
2023-01-02 09 17 10.jpg

I've made up a sort of calendar extension for my seed database.
Though I'm not generally much of a list-maker, or especially list-follower, it helps keep me on track and with planning. Sometimes.
I've been actively fiddling with programming again for almost a year. Keeps me off the streets.

I had orginally planned to start these in 3" pot and up-pot to gallons mid-Feb. But, I think these sprouts will have to be moved to 3", maybe gallons, in a couple of weeks.

Happy Peppering
..... Do you keep track of other things?
Hey, Rata.
I started about a a decade ago logging my own saved seeds, purchased seeds, and traded seeds -especially peppers and tomatoes. After a few years out of gardening , I've built-out about 20 raised beds since moving to our new place in 2020 for general gardening, herbs and flowers. I developed MS-Access(SQL) with Visual Basic enhancments to run our family business back in the day. I just needed something to do in the winter so I added the time/location tables last year to help keep me on track. I plant and harvest from Ferbuary to December with sucession plantings. It helps, and not too difficult to maintain.

I opted for a 3x3 deep pot to re-shod my baby manzanos. Hopefully they will need a gallon pot by late March.

They seem very slow, but at least they have some true leaves.
They did transition well. I'm not wild about the lightness in the coloration.
I do see some tiny pubes with enlargment of the photo, so I guess
we're in gear.
About a week out on seed-drop for my Yaki BF, JA Hab, Papa Dreadie SB, chiltipin, charpita -just 2 or three each.
No supers again this year.

Today, I should start my onion seed -HeShiKo, Parma Yellow, and a new for me, Walla Walla.
I think lemongrass is good about now too.

Have a chili one,
NOW, they are starting to grow.

4 days growth from the previous post.


Also, in doing some pre-spring cleaning, I'm re-mounting some fans I used on my baby orchids a couple of years ago. Not sure one fan this size will be adequate for baby plants on an 18x48inch shelf. The fans need a use, and I'm itching to do a a bit of soldering to make a power rail. I tensioned some electric fence wire and zip-tied the fans top and bottom in hillbilly-esque fashion as is my want. They can be slid left and right for some fine tuning.

I'm re-mounting some fans I used on my baby orchids a couple of years ago.

Can you provide any details on this? I ripped about 30 fans out of old desktops we're recycling at work like three days ago, with the thought of using them on the wire rack shelf I have for seedlings. I'm at a loss on how to power them without electrocuting anyone. From what I've been able to gather on the net, you can use a PC power supply, and one place suggested using a 9v wall outlet. I was going to carefully experiment and see if I could run a number of fans off one of those wall plugs, but am not remotely an eletrical engineer, and am leery.

Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. And that fence wire zip tie thing is great, as long as it works, right?


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Thanks for the info! Do you know if a single charger would run mulitple fans? Or would I need an army of chargers to run a bunch of fans?
Probably more than one, since PC fans don't use a lot of electricity but I can't tell for sure.It will depend on the specs of the fan I guess...