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JJJessee 2023

Happy First Full Day of Winter(snow,sleet,ice,mud,short-dark-days) to all who celebrate!

Which also mean it's the un-official First Day of 2023 Pepper Season.
Seeds just seem to want to grow when the sun turns back.

I appreciate this community being here though my contributions are somewhat lean these days.
Whatsoever I might know about peppers came from right here, and the garden of course

Germinator 2000 has gotten some upgrades and a new home.

The garage is too expensive to heat so me better half has given me a spot in her basement.
I've ran a crop or two of lettuce under these new LEDs and they seem fine if not excellent.
Most in need of space is my baby orchids right now.
So true to my form, it will be studied chaos by the time spring arrives (only 13 weeks!)

I decided to celebrate by getting my Yellow Manzano seeds in dirt.
Just looking for three plants, max.
They need more time indoors if my past experience is good, and a larger, more mature plants going in the ground should help with the longer
season requirement too.

It's a great pepper.

As are most of them :lol:
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Probably more than one, since PC fans don't use a lot of electricity but I can't tell for sure.It will depend on the specs of the fan I guess...
Thanks for the info! Do you know if a single charger would run mulitple fans? Or would I need an army of chargers to run a bunch of fans?
Older fans seem to be more power hungry, but still. Make sure your DC wall-wart meets the fan requirement; mine are 12v. The amp ratings will determine how many the transformer will turn on. My fans are rated 0.09amps each. My wall-wart is 1 amp. So, 5 fans x 0.09amps = 0.45amps, 1amp - 0.45amps = 0.55amp is plenty left over.

That looks like what the doctor ordered. Great price for a whopping 3amps. Lead length on the fans might be checkes to make sure they reach your desired position. You make to get creative if the air movement is too high. - a baffle of some sort.
Still can barely believe it, but yesterday I spied some li'l poppers under the pepperdome.

2023-02-04 06 10 00.jpg

On day 7, the Beth Boyd Bonnet, Charipita, and a Yaki Blue Fawn were breaking ground. I've never had success spouting Charapita, hence a desire to start early.

SInce it is now officially the second half of winter, I feel more compelled to garden. However, my allergic reaction to cold wind seems to get worse with age instead of better. I did use my February boredom and penchant to procrastinate important matters to make up some garden markers with aluminum cans and bamboo skewers.

2023-02-04 06 18 56.jpg

SInce, as mentioned, my gene pool is comprise more or less entirely of hillbilly gardeners, I'm innately inclined to up-cycle. Think border collie but substitute barely broken electronics and sundry empty containers for sheep.


In the gardening fury of May, I seem to not get round to marking nightshades a well a I should.
This year, I just may be able to keep up.

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The gang is all here. A Papa Dreadie is barely showing in the upper right.
I was away for the weekend. Guess they didn't need me.


Some of these are big enough to go into their 3" pots.
I'll make up about 27 out of these and give about half away.
Still haven't gotten my TFMs on dirt.

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Moving up.


Most of these have been ready to transplant as singles to 3x3x deep pots for a while, yesterday I got round to it.
I only made up 18 total.

Beth Boyd's Scotch Bonnet's made the prettiest cluster of plants. First year growing it.

I like to leave them out of direct strong light for 12-24hrs. These didn't wilt any that I noticed, or they had all recovered by this AM.


This makes 24 days from seeding, so I think things are going well.

have a good day

Hey, CaneDog.

They are forking and setting buds, most of which I'll pinch.
But the flowers are just so darned georgous.
I may have to top them since they're are growing so well.
My shelves are geared to shallow. 5 instead of 4.


Let have some yellow in the leaf. Could be over-watering. The left plant is really two. I may leave that way.
These are looking just like the ones I grew years ago.
Transplanted starts and Rocotos all looking real
good. Good luck with the Beth Boyd’s bonnets.
Of all the bonnet varieties they have always
been the best performers for me in the PNW
They're looking great! Solid head start on the season with those. At first I thought the one on the left was just super bushy. Didn't realize it was two plants until I looked again.

I have a few maturing rocotos I recently moved from my grow room to a south-facing windowsill 24/7 and they're loving it there - window space might be another option for you if things get cramped. I'm hoping to get a good head start from my earlier ones, because my few other rocotos have only just sprouted.
I moved my manzanos to a some south-facing windows. They still look crappy. Considering a weak dose of nutrients. They are just hanging.
Still haven't started the rest of my peppers. Maybe on Sunday. That would give me 6-8 weeks until plantout.
My gardening of all degrees has been lack-luster this winter. I had 3 weeks of sinutitis in Feb and a nasty case of Covid, the eF-n variant :lol: , right on it's heels. I was still getting a faint test line 2 days ago. Hope I'm clean today.

My early peppers are looking nice.

2023-03-16 10 02 13.jpg

One of those bigger purple plants is a Beth Boyd Bonnet.
Wonders never cease.

Slightly late, but I think these will be ready within 60 days. By that time the ground will be good and warm.

March 23

2023-03-24 08 32 59.jpg

Planning to up-pot not not more then 72, with about 1/2 that being Carmens and Zapotecs.

I may be a lazy gardener this year and plant-out more peppers than tomatoes.