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recipe-help Just Peachy

Next up is something peachy. Ive got these peppers to choose from.
Caribbean Red Habanero
Numex Suave...for filler
Sugar Rush Peach
Aji Amarillo is a couple more weeks
Massive Reapers....damn things loved my compost in the raised bed
Bonnets in a couple more weeks
Moruga Scorpions that turned out crazy hot
Ghost peppers....almost forgot

I also have a fairly sweet mango powder i use for smoothies sometimes. Looking for just a little more than mild but not melt your face and then another that is noticeably hotter. I like to do around 4-6 bottle batches at a time. Roughly a pound of peppers but peach will be upfront in this one. Need to weigh my peach to see how much it weighs so i can estimate pepper weight that will be needed.
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Chipolte powder and fresh peppers should work well, get a smoky flavor with the peach, mmm.
Forgot i had Primos too. Sampled one today. Pretty brutal.

As this point i got a surplus of Caribbean reds soooooo, Just gunna go with them and some chipotle powder. Sugar Rush are getting close but not enough yet. Plus i kinda like them for snacking.
First test is a small batch.
12 Mucho Nacho deseeded
5 Caribbean reds deseeded
1 Antep Aci Dolma (60 grams)
4 garlic cloves
About half a peach
1/2 tsp Chipotle powder
1 tsp onion powder
Considering either plum vinegar or cane vinegar for this one.

I will get actual weights before i start it today

EDIT: 220grams of peppers.
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