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I think that is indeed mold...The Kahlm yeast I have seen covers the entire surface edge to edge and pure white.
The green is a huge indicator for mold... hope someone else chimes in with more experience on mash and mold.
After looking around I believe it is indeed mold.  As far as I can tell, I have three options. I could throw the entire thing out and start over. I could wait until the ferment is over and then remove the mold and hope whatever is underneath the tope layer is still good. Option three is to crack it open now remove what is there and add some higher percentage brine on top.  Then of course I would have to treat it like an open ferment. Any input would be appreciated. I am wondering if it is safe to consume after removing the top layer.
I'm no expert but I would get that mold out of there. Be careful and scrape it off the top (don't mix it into the rest of the mash). Good luck, hope you can save it!
I decided to pop them open and take a look. They didn't smell bad at all. In fact they smelled absolutely delicious like a good ferment should. I was able to skim the mold off. It was weird like a clear jelly layer had solidified together under with the white spots.. It almost came off in one piece. What was left underneath the layer was a pristine mash. I added a brine topper to reduce head space and put the airlock back on. I am still not sure if is safe to eat.
Maybe I will. If I choose to consume it, I will boil the living daylights out of it first. I also read somewhere that microwaves are sometimes used to denature mycotoxins, so I might microwave it too.  One things for sure, this will be a private batch. The fact that there are not a bunch of people saying oh yeah its fine I do it all the time is a little alarming. I will keep you updated or if not you know what happened lol.
I found THP while searching answers on molds....thought my ferment has mold. Learned here it was kahm yeast.

I stirred it in and continued on...that batch was heated etc and has since been consumed.

I found losts of threads and posts on mold....almost all advice was scrape off the mold and process etc.

Hows your mash looking now? Pics would be a help with a current update :-)
I might be a little different. To me, kham completely ruins the taste of the ferment, if I don't stay on top of mine and a good amount forms, I pitch the whole thing. I simply can't stand that taste.