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Kratky lettuce

So after seeing MHPGardener and Khang Starr on youtube doing some kratky lettuce decided i would try it out.
I got some red romaine from some seed train.
Re used some rice containers i got from walmart, cut 2in hole in lid.
Put them in 2in net pots, rockwool cube
Chem gro tomato/CaNO/MGSO. Didn't test ph, guestimated the nutrients. 
0 days

5 days

9 days

17 days

23 days

31 days

33 days

50 days: about to cut em off and eat them done. 

this one had a leaf burn because it was touching the light bar.



Lessons learned... nothing really its so simple..
I had to refill it once at 33 days, and 50 days
Next i will try to do it in a raft / 1020 tray, stay tuned.
Excellent work. I'm also a fan of khang star. I know you said you guessed on the nutes but would u say lighter or heavier compared to a mix for peppers?
So no airation?  Just a jar with a net pot?  
What about water level?  Where does it need to be at?
I'm just trying to wrap my brain around an oxygenless root environment. 
yup, no aeration, no circulation, simple as it gets.

water level starts out at the top of the container, and as roots develop and drink the water it goes down so the roots get more air.

there is some free oxygen in water of course.
I just ordered 6 different types of heat resistant lettuce for my garden so I can have it year around. I'm going to also get some heat resistant spinach too. I will  dedicate one of my raised beds to lettuce since my wife and daughters eat salads every day.
juanitos said:
Next i will try to do it in a raft / 1020 tray, stay tuned.
I'm interested to see if this can be done, as a 1020 tray doesn't have a lot of depth, but I think I've seen you raft things in another thread, so you probably know better than I.
I was thinking of Kratky lettuce, etc. using Sterilite 28-quart storage boxes painted opaque. Those should be deep enough to raft greens in as well.
I'm also a big fan of reusing containers like 1# plastic coffee cans and the rice(?) canisters you are using for experiments.
You do some good stuff Juanitos. Keep on keepin' on!