LAND OF THE GIANTS 2017 - Biggest Bonnet Competition

I wanted to post-up details of next year’s LOTG competition as soon as possible, as I know many are planning your grow for next season at this time of year.  
After consulting some of my esteemed chilli friends we have decided a c.chinense based contest is well overdue!  
The competition will be open for entries from both Chillies Galore and The Hot Pepper forums and the team challenge gauntlet will be thrown down once again for added spice.
Welcome to LAND OF THE GIANTS 2017 - Biggest Bonnet Competition
Biggest Individual Pod
The objective is simple, grow the biggest Scotch Bonnet MOA you can and post your results in this thread and over the course of the season we will maintain a leader board of the biggest pods.  This year length will be dropped (not really applicable to a bonnet!), all about the girth and weight of the pod this year.
Details of prizes TBC at this stage, but as usual I will be tapping up seed vendors and other chilli related companies for prizes... if you are interested in sponsoring the comp please PM me… the competition threads attracted 25k views across two leading chilli forums, so I am sure it is great publicity!
1) Biggest pod = (circumference measurement in cm plus weight in grams). i.e. my pod is 15cm around and weights 20g, giving a score = 35
2) Entries must be submitted with photo clearly showing circumference measurements posted in this thread. The pod doesn't have to be ripe. Pod must be pictured with a tape measure wrapped around the fattest point to show circumference.  The pod must be pictured in a scale showing the weight in grams.
3) Entries restricted to ‘Scotch Bonnet MOA’.  Seeds of this variety are widely available from many seed vendors worldwide – if you are having difficulty sourcing seed, message me and I will try and help you out.  Reason for restricting variety is to keep a reasonably level playing field and stop some crazy hybrid taking the prize.  Judges call will be final if the pics you present do not resemble a typical Scotch Bonnet pod.  i.e. no yellow bell peppers please!
4) Number of entries not restricted - allowing for improvement of best result / bigger pods as the season progresses.
5) Comp will run for the duration of the 2017 season, finish date for final entries will be 31/10/16.
6) Leader board will be maintained throughout with entries from both CG and THP members at the top of the thread.
7) Entry will be free and sourcing your own seed will be part of the fun.
8.) Plants must be grown from seed in the 2017 growing season
Chillies Galore Vs The Hot Pepper Ryder Pod Challenge
This is a team spin off from the main biggest pod competition.  A separate team leader board will be maintained with the top 5 entries from CG and THP.  
1) Post your entry to the THP thread if you are intended your entry to be counted towards the THP team score
2) Post your entry to the CG thread if you are intended your entry to be counted towards the CG team score
3) Team leader board will be maintained throughout with entries from both CG and THP at the top of the thread
4) The team with the highest cumulative score from the top 5 entrants at the end of the season will take the honours!
Speak of the devil (seeds) and he will appear!
John's envelope arrived today! What a
nice Christmas present... Thanks, John - I
Owe you one, my friend!

Trident chilli said:
Paul just caught this thread .... I hope they are all winners for you ... How's the weather in Oregon now .. again we are due for a wet maybe windy Christmas Day
Hey, John, thanks, my friend.
We've been through a bit of a cold spell - lows in
the 20's (-5˚C or so), high's just over freezing.  We are back
into our more normal rainy and cloudy weather at the moment,
but there are four nights below freezing in the 10-day forecast.
How are things across the pond?
I have moa yellow WHP strain that originally came form a Red Moa plant that produced yellow pods.
Justin grew them out again this season an they was much the same as last season
These have been more consistent with pheno & have great flavor to my understanding well grow these out this coming season but will not enter in the competition as I don't want any questionable origin
That source will be the moa yellow form Midwest Chilliheads.
I am looking forward to this season an this land of the giants competition thank you Dennis this is going to be fun!