Live Pepper Plants

Got 2,000 c.chinense and c. baccatum plants inventoried and on the website.
There's a discount available for forum members but you'll need to do a little digging to find it ;)
Shipping starting May 9, weather permitting (will delay shipping if we get another frost)
These are already hardened off, USDA certified organic, good sized plants in 4" pots with great organic potting soil media. They were seeded from Jan 22-29, and they've been treated well. Definitely worth what I'm charging, or I wouldn't be charging what I'm charging. They are a bit more expensive than other vendors but these are also not just sprouts or seedlings, they are sturdy mature plants which are hardened off, branching, and (in many cases) starting to flower.
My costs are outlined in the Glog, there's 4 1/2 months of hard work behind these, and they are beautiful, perfect plants. Not looking to get rich here, just cover my costs, grew more than I'm going to plant in the field.