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  • Thats great mate! I have a white bhut up now but am still waiting on the purples. Best of luck with them!
    Hey DUDE!
    I sent you some white and purple Bhut, and "Billyboy" Douglah seed, courtesy of our pal NOVA. :)
    Congrats on your graduation dude! Leave the seeds for now, i have a boatload and don't even know if i will get them all down hahaha
    No not chasing seeds just haven't seen you much around the boards. Get to posting!
    Sorry brother, i have about three Peach Bhut seeds left and am waiting for the two that i planted to pop. If they do not those three will be my back up. I am giving Duane over at chiligrower.com some Purple Bhut and White Bhut seeds to share around so maybe you could hit him up for a few of them. :)
    At State University of New York at New Paltz; It's a B.A. and you can't practice until you have atleast a masters....so no therapist just yet!
    Another young pup. Nice to see young people into gardening. You should look up snacksnsuch if you haven't already.
    dude i just went to zanderspice's house and picked up like 7 different plants for $25 dude i have naga morich brain's strain 7 pot trin scorps choc habs omfg im so excited!!!!!!!!
    ya dude do you just want me to call you when you get home on sunday??? and ya the plants look sooooooo healthy and the cayenne plants have already stared flowering!!!! im soo excited!
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