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misc Looking For A Short Bushy Pepper.......

Hi there. So, just out of curiosity, does anyone possibly know of a short 'bushy' pepper available? Not variety or type specific. I guess I am not too sure what else to ask. These will be for growing in a flowerbed or for looks, not really for eating. I had Numex Twilight in the past, and currently waiting to try Medusa hopefully this year (but our shorter growing season is even shorter this year, we still have snow on the ground and colder than normal temperatures). My mom and dad enjoyed the looks of the Numex Twilight, but after a couple of years, it was getting taller, and apparently it did not survive this past winter (stored in a family members greenhouse). So I am basically asking if there is something that would remain short and bushy. Thank you.

Flavor and heat level does not matter.
@The_NorthEast_ChileMan I like the name! Is it crossed with mutant pepper?

info is not a cross..... https://www.caribbeangardenseed.com...seeds-capsicum-annuum-hot?variant=28442685521

"ROOSTER SPUR PEPPER is a Mississippi heirloom grown by the Ainsworth Family for over 100 years and which they used to make their traditional Rooster Pepper Sausage."

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I notice that there seems to be a group of ornamentals, like Black Pearl, that have terminal clusters of flowers.. I had never really seen that before I had Black Pearl, but now I see there are a group of them. Unusual how they stop growing each branch and then start a new one, after flowering.
Rooster Spur looks of the same nature, no? Is there a name for that trait?