Looking for Cayenne Super II Hybrid / Caramel Bhut / Orange & Yellow Peter Pepper!!

Hey all,
As the title says, I have a few varieties I am looking for for this coming season.  I have plenty of seeds to trade, or would be willing to pay for some of the following seeds.
Cayenne Super II Hybrid - (would like about 25-30 seeds)...or something similar
Caramel Bhut Jolokia
Orange Peter Pepper
Yellow Peter Pepper
Fahrenheit Blues Tomato
Please post here or PM and we can work something out. 
Thanks for looking,
inolan22 said:
Got a few off the list. Thanks guys.

Anyone out there have any of the Peter peppers?
I've got some Orange Peters. Bought a pack in a large order from Semillas this year. I'll only plant one so I can spare a few. PM me your address. No need for anything in return. I've got so much stuff now it's crazy