flavor Looking for that taste?

I been looking all over and can't find what I am looking for I have seen it but can't seem to locate it. You know when you bite into the Naga and you get that fruity juice taste before the inferno kixs in, that fruity taste, thats what I am looking for but just less heat. Any ideas, help me out
Hmm, maybe a Red Savina or a Fatali...

Both are quite fruity, but more on the side of a 'habby' taste.

Naga's don't really taste like anything else IMO, so I'm not sure.
I don't know how you would get the naga taste without the heat OJ...
Chiliac said:
Have you tried the Naga Snakebite sauce?

Nope I haven't tried the snakebite yet Been playing around with my own cocojuctions and so far not to bad I just like to find another pepper with that taste but not so scorching
I forget to mention that for taste I like : Fatalii.Tabago Seasoning.Orange Habanero,Datil,Trinidad Perfume & Scotch Bonnet.