preservation Low Power Dehydrator

Wow, pretty cool, thanks for that! Couldnt you just use a plastic container, or even a cardboard box since the temps are so low?
Probably could, but living in a 120 yr old timber house...I'd never sleep right. By the way thats all in $au so 20% cheaper for US ...not much for peace of mind. Glad you like it :lol:
you know I don't like to repeat myself, but I will anyway...

circulating the air may speed drying times and help to eliminate hot/cool spots, try adding a small fan. maybe you could get a solar powered one!
Planning a new lid with fan, thermal switch, probe thermometer and a second grill. Will cost as much as the rest of the dehydrator...may even break $30 for the whole contraption.
LUCKYDOG - I feel should clarify...Halogen bulbs run at least 250 C (482 F) at the surface for the cheaper built ones. If you can retain the heat by lining some of the lid, also cover the corners where the lid is too small. Like this...

It does seem to concentrate the heat a lot more, but still seems to stay at a steady 70C for this design...and that is of course relying on a $4 thermometer too :onfire:
thats neat you found a way to make your own dehydrator. & I really dont want to rain on your parade but if your setup will come to about $30 or more ? also not taking into consideration of your time building it or your gas you spent to get those items. IMO it would of been better to spend the extra $10-$15 & buy a real dehydrator that you can adjust the temps & dry more things at once vs the setup you have shown.

for example this dehydrator, which I have & no complaints from me for using this brand.

theres another dehydrator thats also cheaper but I've never used that one so no comment on it.
Thats a good price chilehunter - There are easier ways than building your own although it takes about 20 minutes once you have the parts. Only problem I have is the power they chew..some up to 1000 Watts. The one you have there isn't too bad at 500 W still I find that excessive for what it does. Means I could do 20 loads for same power as you use in 1 assuming they run for the same length of time.
bent - so you're saying yours use up to 1000 watts, right ? & then you say the model I showed is EXCESSIVE at 500 watts :onfire: then you say you could do 20 loads to 1 load from that model ! I'm sorry but if I remember right 20 x 1000 = 20,000 watts used vs 1 load that used 500 watts ;) maybe I'm confused on your theory ?

plus also remember your setup cant handle smaller chiles w/o buying some mesh, nor could it dry the same amount of chiles vs that model I showed at once. remember that model I showed comes with 4 trays & you can add more to use 12 trays at once ALSO you could buy some other trays to add to it to make homemade fruitrolls & you can make jerky in that model I showed. do you feel safe enough to eat the jerky out of your setup ? (if you made some using it?)

I dont know if you know but that model also has a fan built in it.

yep there is easier ways, for example your stove ;) you dont even need to go out & buy something or put it together. but is it cost effective ? most likely not !

then lets talk about cleanup if needed, that model its pretty easy to do just throw it in the dishwasher.
Sorry, I'm not too clear in my description - my model is 25 W. at the moment.
Im going to build a new lid with a second grill in it, also thermal switch & fan..that will bring it to the $30 odd mark. When I get the sealing & heat reflection right I hope to go down to 20 or even 15 watts should be possible, but's a work in progress.

And yes - jerky is my main aim Yum
well still at 25 watts x 20 loads would only equal that model which is 500 watts.
I know where you're coming from, trying to save a buck ($$) here or there (been there & done it) & when done its sometimes would of been better to just go out & buy the product you're trying to recreate. when you add the money you spent buying the pieces,gas, your time getting the stuff & building it.

*sidenote* I have no worries about falling to sleep & letting that model run during the night, what about your setup ?
Yes, your model is 500 W (I checked the Nesco site). Im changing over to alternative power here & cant justify that amount of consumption. It runs on 12V & perfectly safe. As for the fuel..I got my parts from a shop next to where I buy my food. Figure it'll pay for itself in no time in comparison to the store bought models.
Of course I really only do it..because I can. I love fiddling with stuff...bit of a mad scientist really