bottles-jars Making a Hot Sauce Bottle Look Like a Champagne Bottle

I am brainstorming a fun idea.  My friend and I want to make a special bottle of hot sauce that looks like a tiny champagne bottle! Of course a lot of this will come from the design of the label, but I'm curious if anyone has seen any types of creative corck tops for lids or any foil type shrink bands that could be used to help make this illusion work?  Also, instead of using a 5 oz woozy bottle this time, maybe there is a 5 oz bottle that is better shaped as a champagne bottle - that more curvy narrow look.
Thanks for any help that you may give! I can post updates on this later on, but it won't be for a while.


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Hey Newks~
This is what I was thinking of, but like anything, it has to be approved by the PA.  With the bale jars/bottles, the product is initially sealed with the bottle cap, after opening, the customer can use the bale stopper.