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color Making a White Hot Sauce

I recently made a black hot sauce by using our usual recipe, and just adding food grade charcoal. It looked awesome in the skull bottle we use.

IMG_8226 (3).JPG
However, I tried to make a white version with white bell peppers, onions, white Naga Viper Chillies, and garlic, but although the flavour was OK, it was nothing to write home about.

Has anyone else made a natural sauce that was white, and what flavours do you use?
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I have done a pear-garlic white hot sauce. Really good, slightly sweet, loads of garlic and about the color of your sauce. Really popular. Bummer was... after a few months in the bottle and in the cases, the sauce turned gray-ish. It didnt lend itself to retail sales. The sauce was mostly pear, so maybe a sauce with less ratio of pear might not turn color.

Maybe add some peeled apple or a bit of pear ( I used tinned), white balsamic or rice vinegar, trimmed white onions (no green parts, not yellow onions).

Have fun!
I remember that sauce. Evan has #11.