Malt Vinegar project no go, what to do ???

So last year September I wanted to make Malt vinegar, first time trying. Tried it a few days ago and no vinegar. I added culture after the liquid was ready to bottle so I think I did that wrong ive read that it can be converted after the fermentation, so wondering if the ifo was wrong or I did something wrong.
So what do I do, its about 5%, still tastes clean. Dont drink so I wont be bottling it as Booz lol




My guess out of left field would be that it needed base malt to contribute the enzymes to create a fermentable wort or must or whatever it would be called for a vinegar ...
Both of those would be killed/roasted such that they wouldn't contribute either amylase, in all likelihood ...
Hmmm ...
Looked at an old log; Sep 24 2014 (6% was the aim)
So for a 4 gall batch
3.3 lb Black Rock Malt extract
1 lb Chocolate Malt
3 lb Crystal malt
2.2 kg dextrose
Yep, there it is as an extract. DF, what the original post probably did was to make a big tea out of the grains and then added the 3.3 pounds of Black Rock Malt Extract to it, boiled for a good 45 minutes to an hour and then cooled it to around 65 dF before pitching the yeast to it for fermentation.
Basically what you have is a flavored and colored water without the malt sugar that would have come from the Base Malt Grains. The old log you copied used the malt extract to replace fermentable sugars that would have come from the Base malt grains. The tea that would be made by steeping the grains in 150 dF water would add flavor and color to the base malt. Once it had fermented out you would have had a beer with alcohol in it that the culture would have made into vinegar. You may still be able to use what you have by getting the 3.3 pounds of base malt extract, not knowing which malt extract he used I would suggest picking up 3.3 pounds of Light, unhopped malt extract like this: and a new yeast.
Then you'd just need to boil it all up, cool, pitch yeast and let it ferment. Once done do your vinegar thing.
JMHO though Bro :)
I boiled the grains, dont have the details logged so I dont know how long, Been over 25 years since I brewed beer.
So make a mini batch then pour it into the old batch ?
Actually I use apple cider vinegar allot, that would be a 2 year supply, long enough to know how aged vinegar would taste lol.

I know what I did wrong, what a frelling basic stupid mistake. I capped the bottles so their was no air, Vinegar needs air :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
:doh: :doh: :doh: 
yesterday I poured the well aged Beer into the tub a again and added the quart jar starter to it. The Jar was a very nice strong Vinegar taste to it yet the flavors were niece and mellow. Will make some roast potatoes tomorrow and try some of the Vinegar that I held back. A rich brown color to it, wastnt able to photograph it yet, just come out black.