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Matt's Mater Log

Ok, I finally got around to potting the maters up today, some of them were going nuts, some were straggling along and some didnt do squat! I ended up with 22 plants. I will probably get a couple Beefsteaks going here soon too. I planted them about 4 weeks ago, they took about 8 days to all pop up.

So heres my list of what I have...
6 Jersey Devil
4 Believe It Or Not
3 Russian Rose
5 Super Marzano VFNT
4 Belgium Giant

Heres the Russian Roses, Believe It Or Nots & Super Marzanos

And the Belgium Giants & Jersey Devils

Looks great but a suggestion - add potting mix all the way the the leaves. The toms will grow roots on all part of the stem, giving you a much stronger plant in the long run.

2 week update. I had to move them to the other grow box that has more height between the lights, they were into the fluorescent tubes in the other grow box. Soon I will have to move them to the 3rd area under different lights again. I havent looked at them in a couple days, watered them well and just let them do their thing. The 2 cups have some volunteer peppers in it, not sure what they are though. LOL

Goodness, Matt, you're going to have quite the jungle by the time it's ready in Iowa to plant out! I like your little peppers in with the tomatoes. You might consider giving them their own cups, though, since they're so much smaller than the tomatoes.
Thanks Sorelina. I dumped some old potting mix back into the bag and I guess there were a couple seeds in there. I was thinking about tickling them out and putting them in their own cups but I am not sure what kind of peppers they are. Guess I will just have to wait and see. LOL