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Mildfruit 2022. Greenhouse edition.

Oh boy, here we go again.
I joined this lovely forum back in 2018, been a lurker much longer though. At that time I was a student living in a small apartment, trying to learn all I could about indoor growing. Mostly because I didn't have outdoor space, and when I had a hobby that demanded I grew something, I had to get creative.
I loved the control of growing indoor, and trying to create optimal growing conditions for the plants.

However, late last year I bought my first house with a garden, and fortunately I got a greenhouse as a birthday present from my girlfriend and friends.
So my dream of growing plants in a greenhouse is finally coming true!

The gear:


Unfortunately this isn't from my garden, this is the picture from the website :lol:

This is my process so far :D A picture from late January, without snow! I still need lots of work before the greenhouse is ready. I need to dig out the dirt and replace it with gravel before I lay some flagstones. This part of the garden is faced in the north/south direction so I think it will be perfect.

Luckily I have lots of people to help me, so I have no doubt that the greenhouse will be ready before mid May, which is the usual time to transplant plants into the greenhouse in my country.

In my last glog I experimented with autopots, and I liked them so much that I have bought additional autopots for the greenhouse, and a big 225L (59.5gallons) water reservoir.

I also experimented with diffrent kinds of fertilizer over the years, mostly kinds that where designed for hydroponics or coco choir. This year I will try soil so I had to find a new source for fertilizers. I went with a danish product called 'Hornum Gødning koncentrat'. Its a fertilizer made in the national research station for professional use, and as a total newbie in a greenhouse environment its a match made in heaven :halo:


Jalapeno Lemon SpicePlantekasse.dk
Jalapeno Craigs grandePlantekasse.dk
Murupi AmarelaPlantekasse.dk
F2 Dutch chili x Ancho poblanoOwn cross
Cayenne OrangePlantekasse.dk
White bhut (White W strain)Whitehotpeppers.com
T-Rex YellowWhitehotpeppers.com
De ArbolPlantekasse.dk
Ancho PoblanoFataliiseeds.net
Golden MarconiSemillas.de
Grenada SeasoningWhitehotpeppers.com

I am growing some of the same plants as last year, but with a change in vendor. Also some new varieties.

Besides peppers I am also growing some cucumbers, tomatoes and a single Pineapple cherry plant.
Its been really hard to settle on the growlist above, I know you all know the struggle. So there might be a slight last minute change :P

The seeds will properly hit the dirt in the next few days.

Hope you will enjoy this journey with me 🤞


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But some day when the world hopefully returns to normal, I would love to experiment with a heated greenhouse so I could grow exotic plants

Lots of stone around and in your greenhouse, so that will give you a few extra degrees in spring for sure.

Today even basic heating is becoming a luxury..

Buy a ticket to a tropical destination :) And only use fans, of course, because AC devours power.
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...But some day when the world hopefully returns to normal, I would love to experiment with a heated greenhouse so I could grow exotic plants.

@Mildfruit Hey MF, you might want to look at some of the passive heat ideas for greenhouses. I don't know much about it, but there could be something out there that could help. Just a thought.
Well that took me down a rabbit hole of diffrent options to use passive heating for the greenhouse :)
I had no idea there were so many options, even DIY options for passive heating. Thanks for recommendation @Downriver

Just a few pictures from today:
First some pre dehydration pictures first is of Murupi and Stripey pods, next is Brown poblano.


Now to my final pepper review from the greenhouse.
Pimenta de Neyde:


The plant is pretty and a real looker in the greenhouse with the dark foliage. I think the plant overall have around 10pods so by far my poorest producer. I really only grew it to use for crosses, so I didn't count on a huge production but still im almost impressed by the poor production.

Again I didn't grow it for anything other than its genetics, so I was surprised when I tasted it.
The smell is Chinense, not too bad, but rather pleasant.
The taste was not bad, which I thought it would. I can't describe the taste, but not a typical chinense taste.
The heat was perhaps half a habanero.

So all in all, I was surprised I actually liked it, now im sad it didn't produce better because I think the purple color would make a great powder.
Ah finally had some time for a cleaning of the greenhouse. You know, its just like a grow tent except you walk inside it, and people with grow tents know how much peppers tend to make a mess with flowers and leaf drops. But after cutting everthing down, im able to walk inside again..


Just some pepper pictures, first a ripe pimenta de neyde.


Then some KSLSB


And lastly, a project I've been wanting to do for a while. Pickled peppers!
My lemon spice (the yellow one) finally had some heat in this grow. Its the perfect pepper to slice into rings and onto pizza. The red and green showed under here, are from my Craigs grande, and unfortunately without any heat.
However I finally had the time to make some brine and pickle them!


Disclaimer: its only for show, I have them stored in the fridge, and not on the windowsill :)
Can't wait to taste them in a weeks time :)
I need to find this DNA!!! 😆🤣😂

edit: this was a fun GLOG to read... kind of a "show-and-tell/ride-along" - I enjoyed the ride!

I'm really, really curious about the dehydration process. Do you set up your dehydrator inside? (I tried that once and made the whole family cough and cry).
I have two ways, one inside the house which I use now when outside temperature is going down. Even with superhots neither my GF or Cat seems to mind, however when I make stuff into powder I go as far away from anything I care about, that is dangerous to breathe near :D

The second method is outside in a shed, which is my preference, however as mentioned its getting too cold now, so inside it is :).

The greenhouse is looking sharp, MF. Seems like it did well for you this season. And great to see this season's stripey has the good genetics.

Hope the pickling results are good - and maybe this lemon spice will have enough heat to share a little with the others!
Thanks CD! Yea I was worried, as the seeds came from the same bag as the one last year, but that's just to show how unstable it still is I guess.

Wow, that was a game changer! I really really liked it, and just as you said the lemon spice shared some heat with the others, so the heatless jalapeño ended up having a mild spice which the rest of the family loved.

I already made my mind about the Craigs Grande Jalapeno, and decided not to grow it next year due to no heat, but now I found a way to utilize it perfectly, so perhaps it will be on next years grow list.

Below is my favorite (to photograph) pepper. Im not sure that I am made for superhot consumption, the powder has the ability to ruin any dish so you have to be carefull when sizing up the powder. I guess its use is mostly a novelty and a fun pepper to grow. But im impressed with the amount of Stingers, I think at least 90% of the pods on the plant resembles the one below.

Skærmbillede 2022-09-30 kl. 21.07.51.png
WOW, those PDN, KSLSB and SR Stripey look picture perfect. LOL as for that green lethal looking weapon of ^^ass destruction - hide it well. Otherwise you might have Navy Seals come crashing through your kitchen skylight and invade Denmark. Just saying, that looks like trouble ;)
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WOW, those PDN, KSLSB and SR Stripey look picture perfect. LOL as for that green lethal looking weapon of ^^ass destruction - hide it well. Otherwise you might have Navy Seals come crashing through your kitchen skylight and invade Denmark. Just saying, that looks like trouble ;)
Haha thank you for the kind words :)
It does have the ability to ruin any dish so definitely too lethal for me!

The season is almost over for me, and what a year it has been! I've learned a lot from the transition from Grow tent, to balcony grow to finally greenhouse grow. Hopefully I can use some of that to improve and try new things next year. I already have some ideas for next season, but lets save them til the next glog.

Here I have almost cleared all plants from the greenhouse, I still have a few plants left with pods that I just need to ripen up.

I couldn't throw this one out before havesting all those delicious de arbol pods.

Lemon spice is pretty ambitious with flower setting here in October.

Just some last pods

This has come to a close all too quickly. Probably as I only joined the glog so late in the season 😂 What a journey it has been for you and now as you slip into winter, you hopefully have a pantry full of spicy goodness 😀 But, as your sun sets in the north, ours is rising and now it will be up to the south to put on a show. All I can say it will be hard top a good show like this one!
The summer is certainly over and well into fall, but the plants keep producing which is strange but good. Next season I have to grow a C. pubescent and see how long I can keep it alive in the greenhouse.

Heres some pictures from today, some are still ripening, so hopefully I can get a last dehydration going to last me well into spring.
The plants are wet in these pictures from a recent foliage spray.

De Arbol.

Lemon Spice




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Looking very splendid in the greenhouse, Rasmus!
The Poblano pods look awesome.
Looking very splendid in the greenhouse, Rasmus!
The Poblano pods look awesome.
Thank you Paul, it sure has been a season with lots of peppers, and a bit of a learning curve (with the building of the greenhouse and all).

I've already acquired some new gear that i'll be showing off next season, to hopefully improve the grow further, but more on that in the next glog.

Yesterday was dreadful in terms of weather as these pictures perhaps show, but perhaps suitable for the theme of the day.
Closing of the season.
I have not cleaned the greenhouse yet, so the use of a whole season is noticeable.


I did however get a nice last harvest.


I probaly could have let the greenhouse run for a few more weeks, but I couldnt risk the freezing point to damage my tubing system with a freeze.

It has been a great ride, and i'm thrilled for all the great comments during the year, and looking forward to the next season. This time without having to build a greenhouse :D.

Now the planning of next years seeds begin, and im sure I still wont have it figured out when beginng the next glog.