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Mildfruit 2022. Greenhouse edition.

Oh boy, here we go again.
I joined this lovely forum back in 2018, been a lurker much longer though. At that time I was a student living in a small apartment, trying to learn all I could about indoor growing. Mostly because I didn't have outdoor space, and when I had a hobby that demanded I grew something, I had to get creative.
I loved the control of growing indoor, and trying to create optimal growing conditions for the plants.

However, late last year I bought my first house with a garden, and fortunately I got a greenhouse as a birthday present from my girlfriend and friends.
So my dream of growing plants in a greenhouse is finally coming true!

The gear:


Unfortunately this isn't from my garden, this is the picture from the website :lol:

This is my process so far :D A picture from late January, without snow! I still need lots of work before the greenhouse is ready. I need to dig out the dirt and replace it with gravel before I lay some flagstones. This part of the garden is faced in the north/south direction so I think it will be perfect.

Luckily I have lots of people to help me, so I have no doubt that the greenhouse will be ready before mid May, which is the usual time to transplant plants into the greenhouse in my country.

In my last glog I experimented with autopots, and I liked them so much that I have bought additional autopots for the greenhouse, and a big 225L (59.5gallons) water reservoir.

I also experimented with diffrent kinds of fertilizer over the years, mostly kinds that where designed for hydroponics or coco choir. This year I will try soil so I had to find a new source for fertilizers. I went with a danish product called 'Hornum Gødning koncentrat'. Its a fertilizer made in the national research station for professional use, and as a total newbie in a greenhouse environment its a match made in heaven :halo:


Jalapeno Lemon SpicePlantekasse.dk
Jalapeno Craigs grandePlantekasse.dk
Murupi AmarelaPlantekasse.dk
F2 Dutch chili x Ancho poblanoOwn cross
Cayenne OrangePlantekasse.dk
White bhut (White W strain)Whitehotpeppers.com
T-Rex YellowWhitehotpeppers.com
De ArbolPlantekasse.dk
Ancho PoblanoFataliiseeds.net
Golden MarconiSemillas.de
Grenada SeasoningWhitehotpeppers.com

I am growing some of the same plants as last year, but with a change in vendor. Also some new varieties.

Besides peppers I am also growing some cucumbers, tomatoes and a single Pineapple cherry plant.
Its been really hard to settle on the growlist above, I know you all know the struggle. So there might be a slight last minute change :P

The seeds will properly hit the dirt in the next few days.

Hope you will enjoy this journey with me 🤞


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Khangstarr lemonstarburst!
The smell is classic Chinense, but in a better way - let me explain. The Orange habanero have an almost toxic very thick chinense smell which I cannot personally stand. This pepper have a much fresh'er chinense smell, not as overpowering as the Orange Hab at all, but actually pleasent. Smell and taste is subjective so if you love the Orange hab this is not a "milder" smell but fresher.

The taste is very good, more fruity than sweet, reminds me of exotic fruits such as mango, but not as sweet.
The heat is certainly there but not an immediate hit, but stays and rather quickly goes to what I would describe as a pleasent mouth burn. Don't get me wrong, I certainly couldn't snack these, but the taste was actually good.
Overall great pepper!
Another great thing is the seeds are easily removable, and the plant is crazy productive. Great job Khangstar.

Thank you - that's another one to put on the grow list :D
Fantastic write up Rasmus, I now definitely want to put those on the grow list next year. Well done and thank you ;)
Im glad! Looking forward to read your reaction in a years time, hopefully you will find them as tasty as I did :)

Hate to 1-up you Paul, but +2 @PeriPeri! Good stuff MF.

Funny, as gnarly as it looks, the t-rex looks less like a t-rex than the BOC (?) in your avatar pic ;)
Haha you are absolutely right, I remember once I got a comment about my avatar pic, saying it looked like a chicken, which I guess is a kind of dinosaur :P

Thank you - that's another one to put on the grow list :D
It never stops haha, I've made a rule for my self not buying seeds until December at least because doing the year I get all kinds of ideas of peppers I need to grow, the seed backlog is real.


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It never stops haha, I've made a rule for my self not buying seeds until December at least because doing the year I get all kinds of ideas of peppers I need to grow, the seed backlog is real.
That's my rule too but I'm not buying until January when it's dark and cold and I'll be planning my veggie patch and peppers :D
Then I remind myself how many chilli seeds I've got in the seed box.
Then I think "oh buggerit!" and go buy more :rofl:
Its been two weeks since my last update, and things have been cooking in the greenhouse! Warning, this will contain a billion pictures roughly.

First a brief your of the greenhouse: We begin with De arbol to the left, and my (apparently) no heat Craigs Grande jalapeño

Next stop is Murupi amarela in bottom left, and my F2 Dutch chili x poblano to the right (with some overgrowth from a mouse melon plant).

This is a bad picture, but there is 4 plants here. Most left, is Sugar rush stripey, right after is T-rex (orange) yellow. In the corner to the right is Pimenta De neyde, and almost not visible is a small part of Lemon spice Jalapeno.

To the left is the rest of the Lemon spice Jalapeno, and in the middel is my poblano plant. With multiple strings attached so it don't snap in half.

Another bad photo, but in the corner is my ever producing Orange cayenne. Right next to that is Lemonstarburst, which is also ever producing.

That's the end of the tour, There's a few plants not pictured here, but maybe I get around to them another time.
I've been hauling at least 10kg of fruit in the past few weeks, its crazy. Here one of the many times I've had to remove seeds and prepare for dehydration.


Here is the lovely colors inside the dehydrator.


And 24hours later.

And today I had the time to make some powder!
From the left is two vials of poblano, 3 vials of my F2 cross. Next is two vials of orange cayenne. Then two vials of a blend of Lemonstarburst and murupi, surprisingly whiteish in color. And lastly all to the right is one vial og T-rex powder, and what a potent powder that last one is, small doses goes a long way indeed..

And here are some seeds ready for next season and for sharing

Lastly is some bonus pictures of my T-rex and lemon starburst



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Impressive greenhouse grow, Rasmus! Great
harvest pics and some dynamite powders!

The last two pod shots are picture perfect!
Thank you all for the kind words!
One thing I actually missed was my one and so far only cross this season. Murupi Amarela x Pimenta de Neyde. In this cross Murupi is the mother, that way it will be easier to determine if the cross was an success when I grow them next season. The pod was really small but luckily it had 4 healthy looking seeds!


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Rasmus are you going to overwinter your chilli plants in the greenhouse?
If yes, are you heating it?
If yes, what are you using?

I'm starting to sound like a flowchart :lol:
Lets hope all 4 germinate.
I have to restrain myself from trying, almost can't wait!
Wow! Thank you for the update - that looks incredible Rasmus. Beautiful looking pods and powders. I think you have had a super impressive Greenhouse grow :)
Thank you for the kind words! I have certainly learned a lot from it
Rasmus are you going to overwinter your chilli plants in the greenhouse?
If yes, are you heating it?
If yes, what are you using?

I'm starting to sound like a flowchart :lol:
Haha, as @MarcV nicely said it, heating is getting to the point where excess is considered a luxury, at least in my country. So unfortunately im not going to overwinter any of the plants.
But some day when the world hopefully returns to normal, I would love to experiment with a heated greenhouse so I could grow exotic plants.