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fermenting Mixed fermented pepper sauce

I’ll post some pics when I link to my phone, but…..

Two weeks ago, I pureed some habanero, banana and bell peppers, ran them through the food processor and mixed them with salt and fermented them. Today, I cooked some garlic, in olive oil, and added the peppers and then cooked them with some. Then added vinegar, salt and sugar. Made a hot sauce out of it. It tastes like Franks, it has the fermented taste, which makes all the difference. Some habanero with other “sweet” peppers helps the fermentation and moderates the heat. Muy Bueno.
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I will ad it, I’ve been lax, but as they say good things come to those who wait. The last of the habanero bushes have been ripening. We’ve been blessed with warm temperatures, around 80f even this late in the year. Most have turned orange, and we’re still forecast for another warm week so I’m hoping more will turn be and some will turn red. Sure been a bumper harvest from four lousy plants :P

I rode with a friend / former coworker to a retirement event today and mentioned that we’re going to have a lot of habaneros. She wants some, to make sauce of all things. I think we can accommodate.

I am still pretty impressed with the effect fermenting them had on the jar of mixed peppers I did. Had some tonight. Delicious.