event Monster Tomato and Pepper Sale; Fullerton, CA March 14-17

The Fullerton Arboretum has published their chile and tomato list for the Monster Tomato and Pepper Sale. The list is insane this year and includes the Carolina Reaper. They have T-Scorps, Butch-Ts, and other Trinidad/Tobago types. If you are interested, check out the list here. One note: a few of us got burned last year, by a T-Scorp that was not true to variety.

The place gets jammed, so get there early. I'm going to the member's sale on the 14th.

ya...mine TS were messed up...just interested in going due to the amount of new ones they are growing...but at the price they sell it.. $3.50 for each at least last time and im sure the Supers will be $5 again....might not get any.. just wanna take the kids to the arboretum...