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Mooglog 2013/2014

The first round of seeds are soaked and sown. 
All chinenses to start off,  other species to start in a month or so.
7 Pot BrainStrain Red
7 Pot Burgundy
7 Pot Jonah
7 Pot Jonah (spiky)
7 Pot Jonah Yellow
7 Pot Primo
7 Pot Primo Orange
7 Pot SR Red
7 Pot Yellow
7 Pot Yellow (different source)
Aji Panca
Antillais Caribbean
Bahamian Goat Pepper
Beni Highlands
Bhut Jolokia
Bhut Jolokia Indian Carbon
Bhut Jolokia Peach
Bhut Jolokia x Habanero White Giant f3
Bhut Jolokia x Pimenta De Neyde
Bih Jolokia
Black Naga
CGN 21500
Devils Tongue Yellow
Dorset Naga
Fatalii Chocolate
Fatalii Yellow
Guadalupe Black
Habanero Big Sun
Habanero Chocolate
Habanero Green
Habanero Mustard
Habanero Peach
Habanero Peruvian White
Habanero Purple
Jamaica Scotch Bonnet
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion F4
Nagabon Jolokia
Pimenta De Neyde
Seasoning Pepper (thanks Micca :) )
Snow White
THSC Naga 7
THSC Red Savina
Tobago Seasoning
Trinidad 7Pot Barrack Pore
Trinidad Douglah
Trinidad Perfume
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Red
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Yellow
Trinidad Scorpion Sunrise
Once they sprout they'll go into the new, bigger and hopefully better hydro system. 
And we are off and racing ....!!!!! On you grow mega ... Nice list ... Completely envious of your space to allow you to grow so many great varieties .... Do THSC have their Savina back in stock??
Thanks everyone.  Been very busy so this glog might not be as detailed as last years.  Yes Trippa they are THSC Red Savina, I got them a few months ago.
Here are the first hooks.
Thanks everyone. :) 
This is only half of the list because for a few days the heat mat wasn't on :P   I'll try to shoot a clip of the hydro station on the weekend to show off all its amazing features ;)
PeriPeri said:
Holy smoke Moo, did the street lights dim in your town when you started your grow?
Niiiice !
It looks like a lot of light but most of those globes are only 11 watts.  I haven't counted it up but don't think it is too much.  Could have probably used a single 200W fancy grow light, but with this setup I can take any out and customize the levels.  And they are the same globes I use in my house ;)
Trippa said:
Have you got a fan on them moo?? Some of them look like they need it from that photo??
Yeah there is a fan, I'll post a picture below.  They look like that because they'd only been under lights for 5 minutes.
Sanarda said:
Great list Moo. Good to see your season kicking into gear.
Thanks :)
Most of the trays have sprouted now. 
These four varieties haven't done anything but they failed last time I tried them.
Aji Panca
Bhut Jolokia x Habanero White Giant f3
Bhut Jolokia x Pimenta De Neyde
New ones not up yet are
7 Pot Burgundy
Devils Tongue Yellow
Everything else is going well. :)

I thinned most to one sprout per cell but if you look center of this picture there are two Fataliis in one cell and they both came up with three cotyledons.  Too strange, had to leave them.
nemspy said:
Forgive my noobishness but what IS the purpose of the fan?
Fluorescent globes are not as bad MH or HPS lights but they do produce heat.  With no fan the seedlings would cook pretty quickly.  
Plants breathe through their leaves and need the air circulating.  Indoor growers of "other" plants set up tubes to feed CO2 right to the leaves.  They use tanks of CO2 but I tried it once with some yeast and sugar and water in a bottle.  Didn't really see any results but I had a lot of other problems going on at the same time.  Don't think it's that necessary for young plants.
I'm using Coco Coir which holds moisture for a long time.  It's actually very forgiving of over and under watering but it stays totally wet for 24 hrs after the tray is flooded.  The fan dries the top so algae and mold doesn't take over.