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cooking More Mushrooms!!

They weren't bad I sent you my notes on them and you are welcome to post them.
Spring has sprung!



Oh man does that look good Crafty. Happy munching!

BTW - do you deliver to the PNW? 30 minutes or less? ;)
Not as good as fajitas with those Dryad strips, but we enjoy them. The mornings have been cool enough that we can find dryads over 8" and still tender enough to be worth frying.. So far we managed to put away a pound of fried strips, and 2 quarts of dried for the winter, or however long they last.
I don't know about pizza express, but you are always good for some dried or jerked fungus. When does the morel season start/end by you?
Haha. Just having some fun as that pizza looks amazing. You've hooked me up generously before and it's sure been appreciated. Glad to hear that recent foraging's been productive for you.

I collected mushrooms with my dad as a kid, but haven't hunted them since except for photography and even that's been a while. I've never hunted morels. I think the season starts around late March and is probably near to wrapping up about now. I've heard a lot about people collecting them in the Methow Valley and various areas in the foothills of the Cascade range, but I suspect there are plenty of places other than that and closer to me. I think I'd want to go with someone experienced or at least bone-up on identification if I were to collect again.
Appreciate the love! Dryads are definitely in that group of what I'd call 'hard to mistake'. They are also common about everywhere and you don't need a big woods to host them. Just a dead or dying stump/log. They are also one of the few that you can come back and harvest again in the same season, on the same stump. Sometimes we get 3 harvests off the same tree, if it's a big one like this dude.. Pulled about half a grocery bag off this one alone. The only look-a-like I know of around here is one with gills, and I never see them. These multi headed ones were once singles, but if you leave enough stipe when you harvest, they have a tendency to hydra like these when they grow back. The one on top had a stipe about a big around as a soda can. Probably been harvesting this tree 4 years or more now, and this is the first year I was sure it was starting to decline.

They are definitely a cool day hunt, or one to get out and get in the mornings.. Unless you just want to dry them for powder, then it doesn't matter if they are hard, as long as you have a good knife. They should have a cucumber/melon scent to them when cut fresh, and smell like feet when they start to go. 1/8 inch slices for the griddle, or up to 1/4 inch slices for the dehydrator.

I'm toying with the idea of oven frying some.. Maybe toss slices in oil and spread on a pan at 325 until they crisp. Frying them in the griddle, even though it's just a partial cook, can take an hour or more per haul, and it'd be nice to do them faster.
If I have a favorite mushroom, it is probably this one.