Mrs. Yangs Gourmet Chili Sauce - Available to the Public for the First Time

Announcing Mrs. Yangs Gourmet Chili Sauce - First Time Available to Public!
Introducing Mrs. Yang’s Gourmet Chili Sauce – the new Must-Have Food Accessory

LOS ANGELES, California (September 20, 2008) – After five generations of fine-tuning, an ancient and once secret family recipe is now available online with the launch of Mrs. Yang’s Gourmet Chili Sauce ( The delicious, unique and flavorful chili sauce contains unsurpassed authentic ingredients from throughout Asia. The recipe has evolved over half a century’s trial and error, resulting in the perfect blend of secret spices, oils, techniques and influences – now available directly to consumers.

Mrs. Yang’s Gourmet Chili Sauce is derived from fresh grown chili peppers, natural organic garlic, 100% purified oils, and natural Chinese spices from all corners of Asia, including China, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. This world famous sauce contains absolutely no preservatives, and is 100% MSG-FREE. Mrs. Yang, a masterful chef, loving mother and grandmother, has devoted much of her life to cooking authentic, addictive, and incredible food, uniquely blending techniques and flavors from her culinary ancestry and making them accessible for everyone:

"This chili sauce has the depth of five generations as its flavor foundation,” explains Mrs. Yang, creator of Mrs. Yang’s Gourmet Chili Sauce. “After my family, it is my greatest achievement and I’m proud to share this life-changing, truly unique sauce with fellow cooks. I dare you to find a dish it doesn’t improve!"

Unlike many chili sauces, Mrs. Yang’s Gourmet Chili Sauce is versatile and crosses culinary boundaries, adding robust flavor to American, Asian, Italian and Mexican dishes alike. It’s so much more than “just” a chili sauce. Cook, mix, dip, spread – this all purpose sauce truly is an adaptable dash of gourmet magic.

For more information or to purchase online, please visit Mrs. Yang’s Gourmet Chili Sauce is currently sold exclusively online and will soon be available in local Los Angeles farmer’s markets, groceries and restaurants.
Greetings from Florida.

Hey THP, did you have a look at that stuff out on their website? It looks intense....i'm gonna have to give it a try soon.
You can say that again! Looks VERY intense, actually not like a sauce, but extremely tasty. I'll find out if they ship abroad.
Yeah, it's looks really chunky..almost reminds me of cranberry jam.



My question is, what's in it exactly?

There was a asian lady that made that and sold it locally at our small farmers market last year using peppers off of the same plants as my mystery bird pepper plant(actually thats where my plant origionated from.My buddy got it from her didnt have time for it and gave it to me)crushed chilies in oil pretty versitile stuff
I might just have to look into this
I heard back from them. They are shipping to Germany and the p&h is bearable if I buy at least two jars. I think I'll give this stuff a try, it looks so damn tasty!
Thanks everyone for checking out the site and the kind words. The sauce is very unique and unlike any I have ever seen before and I hope you will love it as much as we do. While it is not your typical hot sauce that pours out of a bottle, the unique consistency of the sauce allows you to dip directly into it with foods like potstickers, eggrolls and chicken wings, mix it into already cooked foods like rice, pasta, noodles, spoon some in your cooking of soups, pasta sauce, fried rice, rub it directly into meats as a marinade or spread it on top of foods like pizza. While it is defintely hot, I have found that people with varying spice preferences all seem to enjoy the sauce in different ways.

Please feel free to post questions here or via the website and I will gladly answer them all. Also we recently added an FAQ to the website that may cover some of the questions you may have at We ship all over the world and if your place of residence does not come up on the ship to page, just shoot us an email and we will get it put in place for you.
MrsYang, we welcome nearly any and all things hot. Your product reminds me of some chili oils and sambal I have seen before, and that's a good thing. :-)

Trust me when I say, this place has weight in the global chilehead comunity. Bring it on. :)