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Mustard with tail



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Lovely Mustard habs you have there 915 and that scorpion like tale is great :)
Yes Rainbowberry your pods are nice too for some reason I see on some another variety tail maybe it year of Scorpion tails but anyway they are beautiful all those pods something new every year isn't also those pods are very hot.
Thank you. I haven't tasted these pods yet but I'd prefer them without a tail as I don't think that in genaral Mustard Habs come with a tail, they are darker but the photo makes mine look very orangy.
Image didn't come through.

Others on this site seem to think that the tail is merely a bi-product of the flower ring remaining intact longer than usual. My Aji Verdes all have tails, but I didn't notice lingering flower rings. Then again, I didn't watch that one terribly closely.