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My dogs have turned into pepper heads

My dogs, well really my husky, always likes to try to get into mischief when I leave the house. Sometimes I slip up and forget that something was on the counter or that I had a snack by my computer.  Last night I had forgotten that I picked a couple purple jalapeños and left them by the sink.  Luckily, I also forget to put away a box of wheat thins, so my dogs nom'd on those mostly and only 2 of the jalapeños.  No big deal right?
Unfortunately this morning I had an early soccer game.  I'm not a morning person. I cleaned up the counter and put 3 peppers I had just picked from a plant I had at my dads back as far as I could on the counter.  In my hazy morning brain it seemed far enough, and I was certain that Yuki couldn't reach them.  I came home to howls, wiggles, and doggie smiles.... they were being uber cute to cover up this mess. 

Pepper death. 
I thought maybe they just destroyed all the peppers out of spite.  But when I went to clean them up, Bacio grabbed one and ran into the other room to keep eating it.  He was sooo excited about it flipping it up in the air like a toy and them munching on it.  It was too adorable so  I let him keep it. I couldn't get a decent playing picture with my cell phone cause he was moving all to fast, but this was pretty ridiculous looking.


While I was trying to capture that, Yuki took another piece and kept eating that. She seemed to like chewing on the stems. 


I was bummed, I joined this site a year ago looking for the seeds for that pepper and those were going to be the first ones that grew out and were ready to eat.  There's only one more left on the plant, my season kinda sucked, but I'm gunna make sure I get this one and not my dogs. 

Here's the last one left to ripen up, with my hand to show how big the pepper is... or how small my hand is.... you pick.
OOOOMMMGGGG thats a HUUUUGE Jalapeno u got there!!!
Btw, keep your dogs away from your peppers cause Capsaicin is absoluteley NOT good for them (toxic for dogs! As it induces transient tachycardia
and hypertension). I cant find the article anymore  but my sister in law is a vet and told me about this (we have 4 dogs).
That pepper in the picture isn't a jalapeno, its a macedonian/balkan pepper.  It has a few names floating around, I hang out with Macedonians and they call it vezanka.  I've seen it called vezena, rezna, and elephant pepper as well. 
I'm sort of a freak about my dogs, so I've looked up capsaicin effects on them before, and in the studies that have shown the negatives effects of capsaicin on dogs they were injecting them with extract.  Both the jalapenos and these peppers aren't very hot peppers, so I'm pretty confident they'll be fine... That being said, I'm not planning on giving them hot peppers as treats in the future either.  
These look really interesting,  the name I have seen for these is Vezena Piperka.   [SIZE=12.800000190734863px]Bad dog!!   Lol[/SIZE]
Pepperplants are poisonous for cats and dogs, as well as humans, with varieties. But not the fruit, the leaves on the plant is whats causing the illness in animals. Nothing too bad, some upset stomach, vomit, diarrhea and severe pain can inflict on them.  
NorwegianChili said:
Pepperplants are poisonous for cats and dogs, as well as humans, with varieties. But not the fruit, the leaves on the plant is whats causing the illness in animals. Nothing too bad, some upset stomach, vomit, diarrhea and severe pain can inflict on them.  
I saw somebody posting on the site a while back about cooking with young pepper plant leaves.  I have been meaning to do some research to see if that was indeed a good idea or not, since I had an abundance of pepper leaves last winter as my plants were getting too big for my grow tent.
I read an interesting fact somewhere and it said Humans are the only mammals who eat chilli. Seems that fact is now debunked.
I had a scotch bonnet in a pot last year, and when I brought it in at the end of the summer, my dogs stripped every last pod rom it. They're fine. But still bastards.
My friend has a pitbull that's prolly 4. Any how i had some bhut jolokias a few years back and took em to his house. We left em on the table and didn't figure he'd mess with it. WORNG! We got back from fishing and he was all hyper when we got back like normal but was licking his chops like crazy. I didn't notice the smell or anything buy the licking his nose was a give away. I said i bet he ate those peppers. Buddy says dude he ain't that dumb. Lol.. To his surprise we went in the living room and there's chewed up pods and slobber all over. Lmao! He runs over picks up a pod and was playing with it. Kinda funny to cause he was acting like it was attacking back. Pretty sure it was lol.. Now that he's older he wants no part of em. He'll sniff it but no way.lol
My wife's dog had his 1st taste of peppers today. Pretty sure he won't go back for more either. We were sorting a box I'd got from JustaGuy, and he was hanging around acting excited. Figured I'd let him sniff a bhut I'd accidentally busted open unknowingly earlier (which led to extreme pain when I went to the bathroom without knowing I'd done it lol), and figured he'd sniff then back off. He did at first, then decided to come back when I wasn't ready and have a lick of the pepper. Think he only got a small hit as all he did was lick his chops for about a minute then he was fine. Wanted nothing to do with the peppers afterwards though. My wife wasn't happy at first, probably more because of me laughing at it. After she realised he was fine she had a bit of a laugh as well lol.
smileyguy697 said:
He runs over picks up a pod and was playing with it. Kinda funny to cause he was acting like it was attacking back. Pretty sure it was lol.. 
That's exactly what BaKOW! did.  he was tossing the pepper up to himself and playing with it. He looked so happy about conquering the pepper. 
I had a little packed of dried brown moruga flakes sitting on my counter, maybe 1/8th teaspoon at most. My golden retriever, who has never taken anything off the counter in his life, decided to have a taste. He popped his paws up on the counter and chewed it up before I could stop him. He definitely broke through the bag before swallowing because he was licking his chops and running in circles for about fifteen minutes. I flushed his mouth out with some milk and gave him a bowl of ice water, but obviously this didn't really help much. Those brown morugas are cut from a different cloth. After the burning subsided, he just laid in his bed for the rest of the night. I kept a close eye on him and he just seemed to have some stomach discomfort, heartbeat was regular and everything else seemed okay. I still felt pretty bad.
Well I finally roasted the last and only pepper I got to eat from that plant.  I am now very upset with my dogs for eating all the other peppers because it was delicious.  It was sweet with a little kick.  Definitely growing more next year, and keeping the dogs far away from them.
Those are some unusual peppers very corky looking. I have to watch my dog and my sister's dog as both will eat sweet peppers right off the plants,  but will not touch a hot pepper even if it looks like a sweet one.  its a scents of smell  they can tell if its a hot pepper of not.
I've read that the C. anuum leaves are often cooked and eaten as a bitter green veggie in parts of South America, so there must be very low amounts of toxin in the leaves.
All the dogs I ever had liked to eat sweet peppers, tomatoes and carrots not to mention water mellons, Squash, 
 raw green veggies of different types.
At some point I'll have to find some of the seeds to try of this pepper, last year I grew one from Africa Gongo's laudium that took for every to ripen and several pods were very corky