beer My first brew! IPA

So, after many years of thinking about brewing my own beer I finally decided to give it a try. It was a wild hair up my ass that finally pushed me over the edge last night and I purchased a home brew starter kit and an 8 gallon brew kettle.

It was an extract kit I have to admit, but this is my first brew, so be gentle on me.

Here is the recipe... for my IPA

1.5 lbs Crystal malt 15

9 lbs light malt extract

1.5oz Magnum hops at 60 minutes
2 oz Falconers ridge at 20 minutes
2 oz Cascade hops at 10 mins
2 oz centennial hops at 5 mins
2 oz cascade hops at 1 min

Safale US-05 yeast

This whole brewing thing is a patient mans game. I need to get a few fermenters so that I always have a batch to start, a batch fermenting and a batch to drink.
I didn't know that. I am using old Lagunitas IPA bottles to bottle my next batch. Not my favorite, but the best IPA at my local market. Figured I'd save the money vs buying new 22's again.