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My first Glog and my second year growing peppers 2016 (From Oz)

Hi all my name is Chad and I'm from Aust. This is my first Glog & my second year growing peppers. I think I have gone a little over the top this year. :D
But hey you can never have enough peppers right? 
I started all from seeds except for two that I bought today.

These are the two I bought today, I had never heard of these peppers before today.

Here are some of my over wintered peppers
mrwrx said:
Yeah Debco is great, but now that Masters is gone I don't know where to buy it from.
You have Bunnings don't you?

Jase4224 said:
Only reason I haven't tried it.. don't want it to be great and then not be able to buy it!
And miss out in the meantime? Get on it while you can, they make great products.
Shorerider said:
You have Bunnings don't you?

And miss out in the meantime? Get on it while you can, they make great products.
I have checked several Bunnings stores around me & they don't stock it. I think all Bunnings stores in NSW don't stock Debco brand, I just done a search for a few NSW stores on the website & nothing came up.
I checked some Victorian stores on the website & the couple of stores I checked do stock the brand Debco.  :shocked:
It's readily available at all the Bunnings stores I've been to here in Vic. Sucks to be in NSW then..... :dance:
I read a while back that when Bunnings found out Masters would be selling Debco, they cancelled their orders and refused to buy at least the potting mix.

I use Bailey's which is WA made and seems to be quite good, but yeah would love to try the Debco but the local Masters is on its last legs and may have run out already.
All your plants look great!  Those OWs will pump out the larger pods as the season progresses.
Hope you were successful getting a handle on the sucky aphids,