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My first Glog and my second year growing peppers 2016 (From Oz)

Hi all my name is Chad and I'm from Aust. This is my first Glog & my second year growing peppers. I think I have gone a little over the top this year. :D
But hey you can never have enough peppers right? 
I started all from seeds except for two that I bought today.

These are the two I bought today, I had never heard of these peppers before today.

Here are some of my over wintered peppers
Wow, Chad. You have some real potential
there. Can't wait to see them nice and colorful!

Some awesome phenotypes, coming along.
Hey, Chad - those pods look great! Nice to see
that great color coming along. Is that a ripe Fatali
in the last pic?
Wow - great start to the New Year mrx. Can't wait to see how long your season goes for down in Melbourne this year.
Keep the pictures coming.
You will be busy picking pods, soon enough!
Looks like a great harvest coming your way...