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cooking My short 100 Jamie Oliver Recipes from 2008

" 99 days and ways of avoiding the Doctor"​

The idea is for you is to decide on your own version of my recipes. There are no hard and fixed rules in the dishes. Cook and season to your own tastes. These are the basics to work with but are foods that I have seen around the world which are not only delicious but help preventing cancer. Some are pretty rich foods but they should keep you healthy if done in reasonable quantities. Most should be good for your general health if you don't eat too much of them. They are meant to provide good anti cancer properties in your diet. The chilies, peppers, peanut butter and spices should be good for your general health particularly your respiratory system and circulation. I am not a Doctor, so I can't prove them to be so.


1- Indian BBQ beef- add turmeric, cardamom, fenugreek and peanuts. Chili, ginger, beef, garlic, salt. Pepper, Water, soy, onion slices at end. Add soy sauce and marinade with lemon juice. Grill in standard grill, or on BBQ or Oven Bake.
2- Korean BBQ beef - add Gochu jun, ten jun, spring onion, sesame seeds and marinate in a Soju -soy sauce cocktail with a hint of tonic and corns syrup. Grill ,bake or BBQ.
3- My BBQ sauce- marinade-add tomato sauce, turmeric, honey, sake, soy, ginger, garlic, oil, brown sugar. Grill, Oven. etc.
4- Korean soy peanut sesame beef with Soju- beef slices fired with soy, ginger, garlic,- sprinkle sesame, and stripped spring onion and chopped nuts at end.
5- Liberia style beef- tomato, cabbage. potato, garlic, chili, okra, onions well fried. Add green peppers at the end if you like but I prefer potatoes.
6- Ghana beef - adds peanut, eggplant instead of okra and potatoes.
7- Mozambique Prawn or fish curry- lemon and coconut and spinach and basic curry paste with onions, etc.
8- Peanut chicken- Ivory Coast- peanuts, potatoes, white wine, palm oil
9- Chili chicken- Liberia style- dry, Cajun spice, lime.
10- Cheese and bacon chicken- cheddar melt in oven
11- Sage and lemon Lobster or Prawns- pan fried then add the sage and lemon juice before end.
12- Spaghetti- wine – two mince- red, white, pork, beef, basil, oregano, tomatoes, onion, etc.
13- S.A. ( Nelspruit) Spicy spag- chili, lemon rind, juice to a normal recipe.
14- Chocó chili conne carne- Clare’s recipe- just add chocolate powder to your own recipe
15- Complete Sweet and sour - pineapple, kiwi, orange, marmalade, orange and pineapple juice, cola, star anise, ginger and garlic mince, minced onion blended with capsicum.
16- Indian peanut Beef curry- clove, turmeric, garam massalla, almonds, balsamic, a can of tomatoes, Worcester sauce, coconut and coriander leaves,
17- Indian lamb and spinach curry- coconut, spinach. Money leaves, clove, turmeric, a little tomato paste with fresh saffron.
18- Korean Pork fillet curry- gaucho jun, ten jun, stock, with fried cabbage, minced apple, spring onion, red onion, onion, sesame and cinnamon, milk, yogurt and bay leaves.
19- Liberian Beef eggplant and okra curry- clove, card omen, tomato, tonic water, garlic and bay leaves.
20- Chinese Beef Curry with green pepper- five spice, soy sauce, lemon, coriander, soy sauce, quince, lychee's juice.
21- Chicken Curry Mustard seed and cabbage and broccoli with black sesame.
22- Vegetable curry- eggplant, courgette, tomatoes, potato, broccoli, beans, pulses cabbage, carrot, spring onion, coriander. Spice up with curry leaves, curry powder, garlic, fenugreek, fresh basil and add yogurt at end.
23- Cous-Cous curry – Ivory Coast style- with diced prawn or lobster, eggplant, red onion, roasted bonnet pepper, chili, tomato, and garlic culee.
24- Liver Mozambique style- chili, lemon, garlic, onion, tomato, beef stock, seasoning and a pinch of curry powder.
25- Liver South American style- thin strips of lambs liver fried with a dipping sauce of lemon, sugar and white rum.
26- Ceviche-Peruvian plus Ghana influence- chili, lemons, limes, garlic, onion, vinegar marinade overnight.
27- Ghana pizza- Vegetarian cheese, bonnet pepper, peppers, onion, garlic, with prawns and lobster.
28- Pizza Florentine- egg, salami, spinach, ham, tomato, black sesame seeds, garlic,
29- Pizza Korean (Dwee Kim) - spinach, squid, prawns, spring onion, and gaucho jun pancakes.
30- Cheese pasta- macaroni, two cheeses, shallots, red onions chopped, cream, bacon, chopped salami, Parmesan at end.
31- Cheese Mushroom pasta sauce-. cream, garlic, shallots, red onion, glass white wine, glass elder flour wine, butter, egg yolk and Basil. Served with Chicken or Bacon or Tuna and Broccoli.
32- Tomato Sauce for basic pizza, pasta sauce for quick pasta with vegetable ( spicy) Just red peppers on fire, remove skin blend with smoked habaneros, can of tomatoes, drop balsamic, fresh basil, oregano, hint of red pesto black pepper, red pepper, paprika, garlic and blend the devil out of it.
33- Broccoli and cauliflower cheese with bacon bits. Add the two make a béchamel of a a good strong cheese like a cheddar with bacon bits and shallots. Season with paprika at end.
34- Sunday roast all in but the greens- carrots, potatoes , Swedes, radish flour all the spuds, carrots, etc and then roast in juices of meat with oil.
35- Cola and clove and mustard, honey roasted Ham- mix cola, mustard, honey, five spice, star anise with honey, brown or Castor sugar and oil. Boil the ham first then cover with mixture, Bake for remaining time depending on weight.
36- Suyuk Coffee steamed pork with Wasabi onions side dish or gouchu garu side dish. Boil a joint of pork in water with old coffee filter remains; add soy sauce garlic, onions, sugar, ten jun and salt. Boil until cooked.
On the side slice onions thinly. Make a sauce of corn syrup, soy, wasabi, gaucho garu, coffer powder tiny pinch and vinegar. Put onions in sauce and toss over.
37- Costa Du Sol Prencada- toasted chicken, ham and cheese sandwich. Butter both sides of bread. Inside put chicken, ham, raw onions diced, chili sauce and cheese. Put in frying pan putting a weight (like Dish) on the bread and applying force. Turnover and do the same. Bloody magic.
38- Simple Quisse dilla- tortillas, with beef, chicken or lamb- cheese to bind
39- Simple Carnes Assad- fry beef or chicken with coriander, lemon, chili, fenugreek, card omen. In tortillas cut into half's add cheese, sour crème, avocado, lemon and olives. Wrap the tortilla over corner to corner and then bake.
40- Chicken Liver Piri-piri- onions, garlic, seasoning, tomato, curry powder. Serve with big fat chips and crusty baguette and a slice of lemon.
41- Prawn Macanetta Island Piri-piri green or red- blend chilies add sugar to green, olive oil, salt and a little turmeric and ginger.
42- Mums Community Seven Prawn curry- ginger and peanut and coconut with singed green and red pepper served with desiccated coconut and lemon grass and spring onion shredded at end.
43- Mozambican prawn curry- coconut, spinach, turmeric, basil, coriander, ground peanuts sprinkled over the top.
44- Prawns my style- BBQ then in lemon, lemon grass plus chili sauce
45- Ginger Beef- soy, ginger, lemon grass, all greens blended, onion, cabbage
46- Clove Pork with turmeric sauce- star anise, honey, mustard, garam massalla and corn syrup.
47- Papo Abidjan Salad- ham, pineapple, cheese, tomatoes, coriander, carrots, corn with a special mustard vinegar and sugar dressing.
48- Tuna pesto toasted sandwiches- pesto, mayo, onions, spring onions, chili, and lemon on toasted sliced bread.
49- Vegetable lasagna- all vegan, cheese, layers of pasta with pesto, red pesto, toasted red peppers, ribbons of carrot and sun dries tomatoes.
50- Mussaka- cheddar béchamel, a layer of potato, a layer of courgettes, eggplant, and a layer minced lamb fried in an oregano tomato sauce.
51- Veg Bake my style- all green veg, peas, Pettis poi, Brussels sprouts sliced, with a top layer of cheese mash with sprinkles of carrot and celery salt.
52- Stuffed Peppers with a risotto of rice, mushrooms, courgette, red wine, basil, onion, red onion and balsamic vinegar.
53- Tuna Jaloff- Ghana risotto- basically a African risotto but spicy with curry powder, tomato, stock and white wine and green chili’s.
54- Beef Jaloff – Ghana risotto same as above with red wine and bonnet peppers.
55- Carrot and Swede mash- butter, almonds, pepper, coriander, Sand P.
56- Carrot- mash with a butter cardamom and coriander mustard sauce.
57- Eggplant ratatouille with a twist of lemon and lime. Just cook as normal but add a twist of lemon rind and lemon juice.
58- Roasted Beef my Style- cad omen, fenugreek, mustard, black pepper, onion and cinnamon jam puree.
59- My big Beef burgers- no fuss, soy sauce, garlic salt, pepper, garam, coriander. Pack, slap and hit the pan.
60- The Porthcawl burger – red wine, mustard. Black pepper, breadcrumb, egg, clove, garlic salt
61- My Sage Pork Burgers- sage fresh, mince, breadcrumb ,garlic, salt, egg, black pepper, carrot
62- Chicken Burger- with cheese, onion soft batter skin on the outside. Simple egg batter with grated cheese and garlic into the mix.
63- My fried Chicken with skin and inner bacon and cheese. As above but like a Kiev inside without butter
64- Spicy chicken burger BBQ style- my sauce above
65- Teriyaki chicken burger- Hilo style- with a BBQ pineapple and chili coulee served with pineapple slices BBQ d with ground clove.
66- My poached chicken- steamed with lemon and thyme in foil
67- My poached Tuna- lemon, pesto and garlic in foil
68- BBQ Tuna- seared with pepper, lemon ,chili, cardamom and thyme
69- BBQ Mahi- Mahi – my style- red and black pepper, ginger, lemon grass.
70- BBQ Mahi-Mahi Italian Style- pesto, sun dried tomato, balsamic marinade
71- Pan fried black sesame tuna with Soju, wasabi , onion, spring onion side dish
72- Roasted Garlic and Ginger Lamb with Black currants, marmalade, cinnamon, black pepper and raisin coulee.
73- Roasted Chicken stuffed with sage, onion and three mushroom stuffing
74- Roasted Breast of Turkey stuffed and bacon with Hickory wood seasoning Peach, Apricot and Pine Kernel stuffing for chicken or Turkey.
76- Sausage, Mustard and Tomato casserole -Rabaul style- big onions red and white, mustard powder, stock , a good quality sausage, garlic, Worcester sauce and canned tomatoes, Season with s,p, white pepper.
77- Pancake sausage in Honey peanut vanilla sauce- Abidjan style. Good quality French sausage served in a crepe with a sauce of the above served with caramel onions
78- Corn beef and potatoes- Hawaii style- fry beef with potatoes and onions add some seasoning and some diced shallots at end to taste.
79- Corn beef and cabbage- PNG style- mustard seed, onions, peppers, chili powder, Worcester sauce and a little tomato paste. Cabbage and onions almost burnt.
80- Shepherd’s pie- Welsh style with leeks, suede and turnips, carrots cooked with Elder flour wine or cordial mix.
81- Turkey Xmas Soup- my Italian curried broth with penne arabiata - Add leftover turkey, add carrots potatoes, Italian herbs, a pinch of curry powder, a beef stock cube, turmeric and a bottle of white for stock. Add penne at end.
82- Chicken Stew my mum style- carrots, can of ,tomato potatoes, balsamic, coriander, fresh basil, white pepper, mushrooms and celery salt at end.
83- Chicken Curry moms style- with raisins, big wedges of carrots and slices cabbage pieces, garlic, ginger, chili and curry powder with pineapple juice and coca cola stock. Add yogurt at end
84- Mince curry Nana style- as before with raisins, minced beef and dried fruits, yogurt and Worcester dash
85- Savory Mince Camp out style- all veg affair with a soy, turmeric and curry flavor .Mixed veg bag , pork mince, minced apple, cinnamon ,clove and frsh coriander at end.
86- Soy chicken Ted Style- soy, corn syrup, green and red pepper, green beans, cabbage, garlic, chicken wings, carrots, green peppers water, potatoes ,onions and stock. No extras.
87- Corn beef Hash mum style- beef, onion, paprika, salt, B pepper, carrot, cabbage and suede and white pepper served with mash.
88- Bubble and squeak- with leftover’s including potatoes, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, salt, white pepper and a hint of garam massalla.
89- Lasagna Lois style- layers, pasta, cheese, shallot and red onion tomato sauce, pasta, cheese, mince, pasta, cheese, past pork mince, salami layer, sun dried layer, pasta, cheese sauce and sprinkles of decent shredded cheese to finish
90- Basic stir fry- my style- add what you want veg and meat wise then use soy, ginger, garlic, five spice , lime juice and coriander to end.
91- Spanish omelet- only egg yolks beaten with spring onion, sour cream and shallots, chopped and diced potatoes, peppers, corn, paprika, red onion, 2 cheeses, in the oven to finish.
92- Meatballs my style- with lamb beef mince mixture in a basil, celery and onion tomato sauce
93- Korean Dak Jim stew- red one- Korean chicken with Soju vodka, potatoes, Kim chi and onions and gouchu jun.
94- Jim Dak- soy potato one with a honey, ginger, ginseng, soy sauce with sliced potatoes, carrot, onions and Soju inside.
95- Sam Gee Tang- baby chicken in a simple sea salt, tenjung, ginseng, onion and Saki broth
96- Pajuri Salad- spring onion stripped, with Gaucho garu, coffee, sugar and vinegar dressing.
97- Galbi Ribs- six onions, gaucho jun, honey, six garlic cloves, soy sauce and vinegar and ginger marinade- excellent.
98- Papa Beef Hickory sauce ribs- boiled and hickory baked in a smoker with a tangy spicy Texan ranch style sauce using orange rinds, garam, coriander, star anise and turmeric and habanera of course.
99- Teriyaki Beef- Saki, honey, garlic, soy, ginger and sesame oil marinade​